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Sylvania SDVD1030 10-Inch Portable DVD Player with 5 Hour Battery Life

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  • 10 inch portable DVD players just get better and better. Just a couple of years ago, the picture quality was bad and customers were told to buy DVD players with smaller screen size. At this time, however, as technology has become so much better, the difference in picture quality between for example, a 7 inch screen and 10 inch screen is very small. If you accept to pay a little more for a quality product from Sony for example, you will not notice any difference.

    Many customers have questions about portable DVD players and I was going to try to answer them as best I can.

    1. About the size, is the largest possible size of portable DVD players 10 inch?

    Right now it is. If you want a larger size then you should instead buy a laptop where you have larger screens to choose from. However, you will also need to pay a much higher prices, too.

    2. Recommended products?

    If you think of quality, I need to mention products from Sony and Philips which I personally like very much. They do, unfortunately cost a bit more but it is well worth it because the quality is so much better than many others. Sony, for example, has a model called the DVP-FX930 portable DVD Player that is very good and popular.

    3. Is it possible to connect PS2 to 10 inch portable DVD players?

    Yes. No problem. Just make sure you have access to an external power source because it will require a lot of power.

    Finally, 10 inch portable DVD players have become much better during those last years, especially image quality. There are no larger screens than a 10 inch and if you want bigger screens you will have to buy a laptop instead. Sony and Philips are brands that we always can trust and it's possible to connect your PS2 to 10 inch portable DVD player without any problem.

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  • Long car trips are no longer a drag with this nifty 10 inch portable dvd player. With its large screen, it is no problem for numerous people to view it and with its powerful speaker, everyone will hear it to. It has a powerful in built battery as well, running time of more than 2 hours without being plugged in, so you don’t need to be connected to a power source to watch and it can be recharged whilst watching once plugged in. Best of all with its tiny price tag, this unit can be yours for less than $100.

    10 Inch Portable DVD Player with dvd/cd/vcd/tv tuner/game Features: Product Features Article Item No Description Colors Selling pack Note 10 inch portable dvd player WPDP10 1. 10 ...

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