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  • A simple turn of the knob will disconnect all electrical circuits. Attach to your battery just like you would a battery cable. Suitable for 6,8,12 volt batteries.

    Batteries need good wiring to deliver the power supply to the gear onboard. That's the subject of "". Since batteries are essentially fuel cells, charging the batteries is another important element. For additional detail on that subject click on the section entitled "" There are both DC (direct current as from 12 volt batteries) and AC (alternating current like what you use in your house) systems and issues on many boats, although some boats, particularly smaller ones, only use DC. Here we'll discuss primarily DC. AC options are discussed in some detail in the section "".

  • If you have room and want to change over to the 6 volt golf cart batteries,you must make an important wiring change. Most rigs that have 2 or more12 volt batteries have them wired in parallel. when going to the 6 volters,you must wire pairs of them in series to produce the needed 12 volts. Thisis actually simpler than it sounds.... see the diagrams below.

    Cat GSL batteries are designed for the best performance of your light-duty truck, automotive and recreational vehicles. Our high quality 6, 8, and 12 Volt GSL batteries meet and exceed industry standards. You can count on Cat GSL Batteries for your next road trip or long haul.


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    Messing with batteries can be dangerous do so at your own risk and wear protection.

    Part 1 converting the battery from acid to alum

    Part 2 testing the battery again more extensively almost 6 months later

    Started a drain over time test you can view the first 16 days results here

    Final testing 3 months drain with no charge started truck 4 times including the last starting the truck in 10 degree F

    1 cup or 8 oz of alum "aluminum sulfate" in a 1 gallon jug then fill the jug with water "it is best to use distilled water"
    Same for the baking soda 1 cup per gallon. The baking soda mix is used after draining the acid to neutralize any left over acid. You can then after rinsing with that rinse with plain water to get out the baking soda mix. Then you will put in the alum mix filling to just above the plates and then charge.

    My first attempt at taking a bad 12 volt battery in this case a deep cycle boat battery and replacing the acid with alum water " food grade aluminum sulfate" so that it will take a charge, worked so well I was able to start my truck with it after just charging it overnight with the alum water in it. Before replacing the acid in the battery it would not even hold 3 volts.

    I used this food grade aluminum sulfate there are many other companies that sell it check your local grocers or feed mills as long as its food grade aluminum sulfate it should work fine.

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How To Wire your 12 volt Batteries in Series or Parallel to get one large battery or increase the voltage. You can use this for your boat, cabin, RV, or your solar setup at home