You can purchase 1up Mushroom Beanie at for $12.99.

The hidden 1UP mushrooms are in the worlds ending with -1

Little Buddy USA Super Mario Series 11" Large 1UP Green Mushroom Pillow Plush

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  • These 1up mushrooms aren’t just fungi from a can. Nope, they’re delicious pizza puffs made from biscuit dough and filled with pepperoni, mozzarella, onions and mushrooms. Yes, that’s right. Mushroomception. That stuff on top? Pesto, and a little green food coloring. Yum, green. It’s also got edible ball bearings for the eyes. Yum, ball bearings.

    Hmmm, some of you may believe this is real, it isn't. This 1up mushroom is actually made of vinyl and is from Japan, but the sewer-pipe planter really does hold soil. A great illusion for any office cubicle or Super Mario fan.

  • Super Mario fans, rejoice! You can now have your very own 1UP mushroom right on your desk. No need to play the game anymore hoping and wishing that the powers that be in Marioland will send a 1UP mushroom right down your way. With this officially licensed Nintendo collectible, you can grow your own 1UP mushroom and power up yourself.

    The 1UP mushroom comes with a pot in the form of a green sewer pipe. All that you need to do to display this collectible is get some potting soil (just a tad) and put it inside the pot. You can then prop up your 1UP mushroom for all the world to see. Where to get soil? Let’s see… go to the nearest garden center and buy some. You might have to throw away the rest of the bag though, as you only need a little bit of it – unless you order like 50 of these babies. A cheaper and more practical alternative would be to go to your yard and get some. If you don’t have one, go to your neighbors yard; heck, you can even find any plot of land in the city jungle and get a scoop!

    Language Name Meaning
    Japanese 1UPキノコ
    1UP (Wan appu) kinoko
    1-UP Mushroom
    Spanish Champiñón vida extra (most games)
    Champiñón 1-Up (some games)
    Champi Mejora (Mario & Luigi series)
    Extra Life Mushroom
    1-Up Mushroom
    Heal Mushroom
    French Champignon 1-Up 1-Up Mushroom
    Dutch 1UP-Paddenstoel 1-Up Mushroom
    German 1-Up-Pilz 1-Up Mushroom
    Italian Fungo 1-Up
    Fungo Cura (Mario & Luigi series)
    fungo 1-UP (Animal Crossing series)
    1-Up Mushroom
    Cure Mushroom
    1-UP mushroom
    Portuguese (NOA) Cogumelo Mario Extra (Super Mario World manual) Extra Mario Mushroom
    Portuguese (NOE) Cogumelo 1UP (Super Mario 3D Land e-manual) 1UP Mushroom
    Korean 1-UP버섯
    1-eop Beoseot
    1-UP Mushroom

  • The packet claims that eating the 1up Mushroom will grant "immortal life beyond dreams of man." It also has the warning: Do not put in face.

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Don’t you sometimes wish that you could just earn extra lives in real life, just like in video games? While there’s not yet a way to do that, you can still eat some tasty 1up mushrooms, thanks to our geeky food pal .