Wooden activity cube. Excellent condition.

Activity Cube for Preschoolers - Super fun way to introduce exercise to your little ones!

KidKraft Deluxe Activity Cube

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    However, while it is sturdy, the manufacturing is also a bit sloppy. There have been instances whereby the alphabets are not in the correct order. It is a shame because on the whole, this Anatex activity cube holds much promise as an educational and motor skill development toy. While the online reviews from parents regarding the quality and workmanship for this item are mixed, we do note that the recent ones have more compliments than brickbats.

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  • While it is well-made and solid, it does not come cheap. So, you would definitely want everything to be in order after play is over. However, this wooden activity cube has a magnetic shape sorter on one side and that means pieces can be easily lost. Also, because the pieces are removable, you would need to keep a close eye during play if your kid still has the habit of putting things into her mouth.

KidKraft Deluxe Activity Cube

Activity Cubes and Wall Panels are ideal for developing sensorimotor skills; experimenting with vision, touch and hand-eye co-ordination to gain a particular outcome. Some can be mounted to the wall or added to soft play or sensory rooms in an effort to bring the relaxing concept of a sensory room together with an activity.