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  • As with any educational app for the iPhone or iPad, Alphabet Letter and Number Sequencing offers a simple gameplay mechanic with a learning value tucked just out of sight. In Alphabet Letter and Number Sequencing’s case, the gameplay is a basic drag-and-drop-to-fit affair, where your child must match a letter or number to its appropriate place in a list of three character strings below. For example, an average sequence might feature a one, then a blank space, and then a three. From there, your child must drag a two to the blank to finish off the triplet. It’s basic fun, but one that reinforces several essential learning areas, including pattern recognition, alphabet and number skills, and even fine motor development.

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  • Alphabet Letter and Number Sequencing gives you several different modes of play, allowing your child to choose upper and lowercase letters or numbers, as well as a mix of all three. When your child completes a level, they are rewarded with a sticker. Complete five levels, and they’re given an entire sticker album that can be printed or saved to the iDevice’s photo gallery. This provides a stellar incentive for your child to keep playing as well as an opportunity to hang their accomplishments on the fridge. Overall, the gameplay offered here is simple enough to be understood by an toddler, yet deep enough to keep them entertained.

    Alphabet letters and numbers are important for each child to learn. Provide your kids and students with our free alphabet letter and number charts.

    Make Your Own Worksheet Generator NEW!

    This is a make your own worksheet compiled from a drop-down menu of sight words containing nouns, verbs, and adjectives, converted into a picture and alphabet practice sheet of uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters and numbers. See example sheet on the right.

    Total of 607 pictures!
    Make Your Own Worksheets - Alphabet Trio NEW!

    This worksheet generator uses three drop-down menus of sight words to select corresponding words and pictures and converts them into a picture and alphabet practice sheet of uppercase and/or lowercase alphabet letters. See example sheet on the right.

    This is a great way to teach the beginning letter of the words and pictures.

  • One of the first things we look for in an app designed for small children is age-appropriate graphics and voicing. Thankfully, Alphabet Letter and Number Sequencing delivers on both counts, offering up cute space-themed graphics and child-narrated voices. Both are very well suited to the kindergarten age group, especially the quality narration. Often times voice work for app’s similar to Alphabet Letter and Number Sequencing can be cheesy or off-putting, but the recordings here are both clear and comforting—key factors in language acquisition and learning retention. And on top of everything, the adorable graphics will ensure your child has a fun time with the app.

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Alphabet Letter and Number Sequencing is priced at the ever-sweet dollar spot in the AppStore. For that money you’ll get a quality educational value with a professional finish. And because the app is Universal optimized, you’ll even be able to take it with you on both your iPad and iPhone. Alphabet Letter and Number Sequencing is a great value with gameplay your child will love—and learning skills they’ll carry for a lifetime. The app has certainly earned our recommendation.