Yeah. Samsung isn't the best Android tablet producer anyway.

Will Kelly provides an overview of Lync and SharePoint options for Android tablets.

RCA Voyager II Tablet 8GB Quad Core Android 5.0, Black, 7"

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  • Some Android tablets and TVs support Miracast which lets you beam what’s on your tablet’s screen to your TV with no wires, but the Chromecast is a decent alternative for only £35 if your TV doesn’t have this support.

    Most Android tablets have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and some have NFC as well. NFC may come in handy, but it’s by no means essential. What’s more useful for most people is a video output so you can connect your tablet to your TV (usually via HDMI). However, you can use an Android tablet with a Google Chromecast for watching catch-up TV, YouTube and other internet video services.

  • The same applies to cameras, and as with performance, you shouldn’t judge by the number of megapixels. Instead, check out our test photos in each review to see whether you’re happy with the quality on offer. Few Android tablets have great cameras, and quite a few have awful ones, so if photos, videos and Skype are important, don’t buy before you’ve read the reviews.

    One of the secondary considerations is storage. Many, but not all, Android tablets have a microSD slot so you can add more storage when you need it. If you’re going for a tablet with no slot, make sure you buy the biggest capacity you can afford, as videos and some apps can use up an awful lot of storage. And don’t forget that the big number on the box – 16GB, say – is the total amount. The usable amount, i.e. the amount which is empty and available for you to use, can be quite a lot less than that headline figure.

  • As with iPads, the first thing to consider (apart from your budget) is screen size. This ranges from around 7- to 11in, although there are a couple of larger Android tablets with 13in screens. For most people, an 8- or 9in tablet represents the best compromised between usability and portability, although some 10in tablets can be quite thin and light. What you can’t escape is the footprint associated with a bigger screen, so it’s worth making sure your chosen tablet will fit in your favourite bag.

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If you already have a home Wi-Fi network, you can make your Android tablet an extender by connecting your tablet to your router, then using Hotspot Control or FoxFi to turn your slate into a hotspot. You can also use PdaNet to share your tablet's internet with a PC via USB connection.