This Angry Birds Board Game brings the popular app-based game to life

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Angry birds board game

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

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    We’ve been waiting for the Angry Birds Board Game for a while now, and are thrilled to see it is finally available to buy! We’ve mentioned it months ago, such as in posts about a and the , but the wait is over at last! Basically this game allows you to take the incredible fun and destruction of the iPhone game and bring it into real life.

  • We have been waiting for an board game for quite some time now. The gameplay on and just seems like it would lend itself to a real-world game so well and our wish has finally been answered. Knock on Wood is the official Angry Birds board game and it’s available right now!

    The pre-order page for Angry Birds 3 Birds in Space is pretty sparse on details, which I guess makes sense. From the pictures, it looks like Blue Bird has been added to the mix, while Red Bird is wearing his black space goggles. Not that matters a whole lot – they function the same way as any other bird in an Angry Birds board game would, which is that they fly into blocks and knock them down. No special abilities for the birds means that, like the other two board games, this one will likely be short on replay value. It goes without saying that long-term, the app version will win out, every time.

  • There’s another Angry Birds board game, and it looks…just like the other two. With some space stuff thrown in. I don’t know how much farther they can go with this concept.

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The Angry Birds board game ("Knock On Wood") is a in which one player builds a structure, and the other player tries to knock it down, using the bird launcher. Mission cards show you which pieces to use to build the pigs' defenses and which birds to use to try to topple the pigs. There are four levels of difficulty including freestyle!