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Rasta Imposta Lightweight Penguin Costume, Black/White, One Size

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  • Whether you need a baby animal costume for Halloween or for a toddler who wants to play dress up, our selection of sturdy styles will surely have something they’ll love! In one of our baby or Toddler Animal Halloween Costumes, your cute little creature will have the trick or treating crowds going wild!

    Not only do we have adorable baby and Toddler Animal Costumes for Halloween that will help them emulate cute creatures from around the world, but we also have styles of the marvelous cartoons they love to watch! From to the Madagascar penguins to and costumes, our vast variety of TV and move inspired Baby Animal Halloween Costumes will have something for every miniature animal enthusiast.

  • The Kids Animal Costumes for Halloween from Costume Express will make your kid the hit of the jungle gym! If your child is a fan of the wild, they’ll love letting out their inner animal in one of our amazing Kids Animal Halloween Costumes! We’ve got a that will make them go bananas, nocturnal disguises for your little night owl, fish costumes for the kids who yearn for a life under the sea and even styles of adorable insects like lady bugs or bumblebees!

    Adult Animal Halloween Costumes! Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Take a walk on the wild side in one of these amazing adult animal costumes. Animal costumes aren't just for Halloween anymore! Did you know that the majority of college and professional sports mascots are animals? While many of these teams also have an actual real live animal that they strut along the sideline, the more entertaining of the two is usually the one in costume. Sports are brought to life by the person dressed in a giant animal costume running crazy on the field. The mascots are large and loud and bigger than life! Sometimes they're more fun to watch than the game itself. Known as the "lucky charm" for the team, the mascots usually encompass an animal that is a fierce hunter such as the eagle, lion or tiger. Holidays are yet another reason to get out that animal costume. What's Easter without the Easter Bunny and everyone knows that Santa is not going anywhere without his reindeer. Animal costumes are fun to wear year around! No matter what the occasion, there's always room for animals!

  • It’s time to start making those Halloween costumes! If you are like me, it’s hard to decide what to dress your little ones up as. There are just too many adorable options! Unless they have an opinion of course, then it’s relatively easy. I remember when I was a kid, my mom was always so awesome about making us some pretty rad get ups. I was always so proud of her and thrilled with the outcome. I think it’s safe to say that kids usually have a favorite animal and the animal costumes are always so popular and really adorable. I especially love the unique and fun DIY animal costumes floating around the internet. These crafty parents are so clever! And their kids are really lucky to have such cool parents. Don’t you want to be a cool, creative parent too? I do! Here are 15 awesome and pretty much perfect DIY animal Halloween costumes for kids to sport this Halloween. The kids will love wearing them and you will be the coolest parent on the block. The envy of the trick or treating neighborhood! Ok, so maybe not that extreme, but you would be pretty awesome. Check these costumes out and get a move on!

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