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Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console

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  • As a result, the company ensued to gain as much as they could from Namco’s other arcade titles, specifically Atari consumer division president Raymond Kassar, who hoped to capitalize on the success of Space Invaders by delivering a similar Pac-Man port in the space of just four months.

    Atari Videogame consoles (as opposed to Atari's earlier standalone single function consoles) got their start in 1977 with the introduction of Atari's VCS (Video Computer System). The VCS was originally ready to ship in 1976, however due to a legal clause in an earlier settlement between Atari and Magnavox over the release of PONG in 1972, Magnavox would own the rights to anything Atari produced for 1 year, so Atari delayed the VCS release so that Magnavox would not own the rights to it.

  • Twitter user ups his photo-shop skills to the max by creating an amazing throwback to the Atari 2600/2800 consoles. He credits his inspiration thanks to Carmack’s twitter post titled “Generations”, showing an Atari console atop a PlayStation 4

    With a few shining stars such as Tempest 2000 and Alien vs. Predator the oncoming threat of the Nintendo 64 and the Sony Playstation quickly put an end to the Jaguar and to Atari's consumer electronics division as Atari folded into a reverse merger in 1996 with JTS a now defunct hard disk maker. The Jaguar console was heavily modified and installed into Atari Games Corporation Area 51 arcade video coin-ops and called the Co-Jag. Atari Games Corporation was a separate Atari company that split off from the Atari consumer division/computer division in 1984.

  • The Atari 2600, despite its shortcomings, was the most popular pre-crash system, selling over 25 million units. It produced large numbers of enduring classics, increased the popularity of videogames, and helped establish the home videogame console market. Later Atari consoles like the 5200, 7800 and Jaguar never came close to achieving the glory the 2600 enjoyed.

compatibility with the Atari 2600

In 1984, the original Atari Inc. was split due to its role in the , and the arcade division was turned into . Atari Games received the rights to use the logo and brand name with appended text "Games" on arcade games, as well as rights to the original 1972–1984 arcade hardware properties. The Atari Consumer Electronics Division properties were in turn sold to 's Tramel Technology Ltd., which then renamed itself to . In 1996, Atari Corporation reverse-merged with disk-drive manufacturer (JTS), becoming a division within the company.