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Baby ball pit

Kuuqa Kids Ball Pit Ball Tent Toddler Ball Pit with Basketball Hoop and Zippered Storage Bag for Toddlers, 4 ft/120cm(Balls not Included)

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  • Kids ball pits can range from inexpensive to pretty expensive. If you are looking for something fun to put your baby or young toddler in you can find some pretty cheap options such is the Focusun Portable Baby ball pit which is generally under $20. If you want a ball pit that has other attachments such as a tunnel or mini basketball hoop the price will start to rise. These generally range between $40 – $60. Once you start to get into the larger and inflatable ball pits the prices will generally start around $100 and go up from there depending on the size and accessories.

    One of the hidden costs people need to really consider is the price of ball pit balls. Unless you go with really small ones (not recommended) the price for a 100 ball pit balls is normally around $20. That can be more than the cost of a baby ball pit especially if you need 200 – 300 balls to fill it up. As you can see, the more balls you need the more expensive a ball pit can be. If you’re buying one of the larger ball pits you have to consider spending at least $100 – $200 for the balls.

  • The FocuSun portable baby ball pit is an easy to set up indoor or outdoor ball pit. One of the main reasons it is so easy is that once you remove the ball pit from its included tote, it simply pops up, ready to play in. Due to its size this kids ball pit is better suited for babes and young toddlers. It is bright and colorful enough to interest all younger aged children. This is a great playing pit for babies and toddlers. All you have to do is add the balls(sold separately) and the child. It wipes clean, is made of waterproof polyester, and it is fully supported by fiberglass poles. Total dimensions are 39.4” x 19.7”x 14.6″. We recommend ordering at least 200 of the 2.5″ diameter ball pit balls to fill this toy.

    Game Description: Every enthusiastic baby would love to play with their friend in the ball pit at least once before they grow up. This cute baby loves playing with plastic balls, so the parents of this baby bought a "baby ball pit" so that their kids may play with plastic balls in the ball pit. The baby's parents also bought some cute baby clothes and some toys to play with. Before the baby jumps inside the ball pit, we need to dress the baby up in one of the outfits that their parents have bought from the baby store. Help us dress the baby up.

    Baby Ball Pit
    It’s an inflatable Baby Ball Pit filled with colorful balls. This is another of Magic With A Twist’s baby units. This unit is 8’ long x 8’ wide and 5’ tall and is a great parent saver for the active toddler who wants to explore.
    This unit inflates just like the big bouncers and is super soft and safe. The see thru netting allows the toddlers to play, while still keeping an eye on you. The Baby Ball Pit can even be used indoors. This unit is suitable for toddlers up to 3 years old. You will have peace of mind knowing that the balls and inflatable unit are sanitized for your baby’s protection after each rental.


    The Baby Ball Pit requires a relatively flat area about 10’ long x 10' wide and within 100' of an electrical outlet. This unit has a weight limit of 40 pounds per child.
    We prefer to set the inflatable up on grass but some concrete or asphalt maybe acceptable as well.

    Please make sure all sticks, rocks and dog waste are cleared from the area before we arrive, to avoid delay in setting up for your event.

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    This green baby ball pit has an animal design, it allows your little one to explore and encourages active play indoors. The ball pit turns your floor into a fun space for your baby to

Baby Toddler Ball Pit with Hoop - My Shalu

This green baby ball pit has an animal design, it allows your little one to explore and encourages active play indoors. The ball pit turns your floor into a fun space for your baby to enjoy learning to move and sit up. It includes 50 multi coloured balls for your child to play with. The kids play tents pops up so is very easy to assemble, it is lightweight and compact to store as folds flat. This ball pits for kids and is suitable for children aged 3 years .WARNING(S): To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.