Have you Tried a Baby Wedge for Reflux?

babywedge® is an elevation and stabilisation support pillow for mother and baby.

Universal Dual Cover Baby Wedge & Sleep Positioner by Comfy Crib - Hypoallergenic & Waterproof

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  • The Dexbaby Wedge has a slight elevation to raises a baby’s heads for easier breathing. This will help relieve nasal congestion as well as symptoms of acid reflux.

    A baby reflux wedge is a pillow that helps maintain a baby’s position while sleeping. An upright position makes it more difficult for milk or other liquids/food to travel back up from the stomach into the throat and chest causing acid reflux.

  • While you can safely use the baby sleep wedge for acid reflux relief as well as for your infant to sleep on their stomach, studies have recommended that from around 4 months and older, a baby should be given plenty of tummy time to help them improve their muscles and motor skills. By using a baby sleep wedge for acid reflux you are giving them a safe and elevated area to rest while they reach for toys, wiggle their legs, bend their knees, and lift their heads. It might not seem like much now, but these simple actions can soon turn your inactive infant into a romping toddler before you know it! In fact, you might find yourself chasing your toddler through the house in their underwear, with one sock on and one sock off, remembering the days when he or she would simply just lie there!

    "Baby wedge has been a godsend for my little man. Having a baby with severe reflux you do everything you can to make your child's life more comfortable. The first time I used baby wedge he immediately dozed off into a blissful sleep, and we have been using it every day since. The wedge is so handy, in the pram bassinet, over to friends houses, under his Gymini mat when he is playing and for tummy time. I'm so grateful that someone has finally invented a product to help the many bubs suffering from reflux. Thank you."

  • Whether you are dealing with simple sleep issues, or digestive upsets, is one simple item that can remedy a wide range of problems. This foam wedge is firm, comfortable and safe for your baby to sleep on. It elevates his or her body to allow digestion to happen naturally, as well as easing any breathing problems they may have from nasal congestion. In fact, a baby sleep wedge for acid reflux has shown to provide so many benefits, a wide number of neonatal intensive care units have started making sure they are in most of their nursery cribs for premature babies.

Baby reflux wedge | Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at Nextag

Infants suffering from digestive issues are most likely crying due to the discomfort from bloated stomachs or the pain from acid reflux. For adults with these issues, you know that burning feeling you can get low in your throat or the pressure that can be caused from gas build up in your lower intestines. It’s not pleasant, so of course your infant is not happy about it either. Elevation can cause rapid relief by allowing the body to naturally adjust itself. The stomach can be settled, congestion can move down, and gas can either move up for a comfort-bringing belch or down for a room-clearing passing of gas. It has often been found that infants who remain on their back most often can show more digestive issues than those who are elevated or even allowed to nap on their stomachs. The simple purchase of a baby reflux wedge can create the elevation needed to allow your baby to sleep comfortably in his or her crib, allowing their body to properly digest food and regulate itself.