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Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats

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  • TAG : These are unbelievable! Glad to see that you are back Bakerella!
  • Julie, you are missing your calling. Don’t know if you like your 9-5 job, but you obviously love being creative and you could make a fortune in Hollywood alone as a party planner and designer. Stars out here will pay 6 figures for their children’s parties, weddings, etc. And like the others, I beg you to please start a website, blog, something, so we can come worship at your creativity altar! I first learned about your talents when I saw your Christmas displays through Bakerella (Bakerella, any hopes of getting updated pictures of her Christmas displays?) and was just blown away. As a Christmas artist myself, I am so inspired by your work. It brings such joy and happiness to people and deserves worldwide recognition. I would so especially love to know how you fabricated/made the giant nutcracker men on the outside of your house. You and your husband should go into business together.

    I am always looking for new cake pop design ideas and scrolled the internet recently looking for christmas themed pops. I found a ton of great ones and here are ten of my favorites. I love the Bakerella cake pops, like the ones you see above, because she is a genius at designing cake pops with candy and pretzels. Some of the simpler decorations here, like the refined snowflake and glittery ornaments, are perfectly manageable for cake pop beginners. There is something for everyone! I think I am going to start by trying to make the holly berry cake pops, they are my personal favorite.

  • You are truly inspiring. I can’t wait to get my copy of the book and try these fun and beautiful ideas with the kids this holiday season. Thank you, Bakerella!

    Is it written into Bakerella’s contract that she has to use an over-processed, over-packaged mix somewhere in everything she “bakes.” Hot cocoa mix? Really? There are thousands of ways to make cocoa frosting without all the chemicals in the mix and the marshmallows.

  • Bakerella, these are all AMAZING!!! Some of your very best cake pop work yet, girl! I love them all. My favorite is Miss Piggy. She is total perfection. My husband is going to die when I show him these. He’s such a huge Muppits fan too. We are seeing the movie with all his family. I’m begging you to make Gonzo and Animal! Those two would be so great to see as cake pops, and so colorful. I’m going to check out how you made them right now. Love to you, Bakerella. :D

Bakerella have you had any luck?

Wow T! A little bit of an anger problem? The whole recipe is available, for free. I am making these right now, with my nine year old daughter and two of her friends. Bakerella rocks!!!