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Barbie Jam With Me Rock Star Guitar

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  • My baby girl receive this as a birthday gift for her 3 birthday. She has been bugging me about this guitar for over 2 months. Im happy someone finally got it for her. Barbie Karaoke Guitar looks and plays like a real electric guitar! Comes with a cartridge that plays top hits, with and without vocals, for jam-along excitement. The free play option and automatic "Jammin" chords let kids rock out while accessories like the Whammy bar and headset microphone add to the rockin' fun! My daughter loves playing with the barbie jam with me guitar. The barbie guitar has lots of buttons to push. The barbie guitar also makes alot of different noises. You can also sing along to the songs with the microphone. the headset itself is a joke! it is not adjustable at all!! the headset is always falling off her head! She usually just tries to hold it on with her hands and tries to sing into it. The 3 songs on my daughter guitar were " she will be loved" by maroon 5, "Girls just wanna have fun" by cyndi and "beautiful" by jesse McCarthy. I love that this guitar play hits songs and not the same old boring one. I love that the guitar is not loud or annoying. I love that the guitar does more than one thing. It has plenty of options to keep a child busy. My daughter really likes to sing and this was the perfect gift for her.

    Creal played the drums and guitars in the clip. Among his arsenal of instruments he used to record the song are two pink First Act Discovery drum sets, a black First Act Discovery guitar, a Barbie guitar, a red Squire Strat mini guitar, a Paper Jamz guitar and an Esteban G-10 guitar amp to record.

  • Mattel Barbie Guitar [Pink] 2005
    Steel Strings

    1/2 Size Length 80cm

    Includes soft case.
    In good pre-owned condition.

    The reset button was accidently hit on the back of our barbie guitar. we dont have the instruction manual anymore or the model number. the only description we can offer is that it also has headphones, can play disks with recorded songs. after the reset button on the back was hit, it made a beeping sound and the light behind the stings came on. we have tried to push all the buttons on the guiter that would normally play music but nothing works now. tried to remove the batteries, still nothing but the red/pink light glowing from behind where the strings are.

  • KIDdesigns Inc Barbie Guitar The Barbie Jam with me Rock Star Guitar looks and plays just like a real guitar; but with drums; bass and keyboard remix buttons; adjustable tempo and lots more. This gorgeous guitar comes with a top pop hit with vocal tracks; plush 6 instrumental tracks for jam-along excitement. Enjoy realistic responsive strumming and a fast high tech touch-sensitive neck for easy note selection. Pulsing lights; working whammy bar and headset microphone add to the rockin' fun.

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