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  • Alternate Batsuits were available for , and each suit possessed a varied balance of Health, Damage and Speed. Players could choose which suit most fitted their combat style.

    Earlier this week, , which the Dark Knight will apparently be donning in 2017’s Justice League. The new suit is something of a return to previous tendencies for Batman’s film iterations: less streamlined bodysuit and more armored and heavy-duty looking. This has been the norm for a while now when it comes to movie Batsuits, with even Tim Burton’s Batman wrapping himself in black rubber outfits back in 1989, setting the precedent for Batsuits to follow for the next few decades. It was only when Batman v Superman put Ben Affleck in a more traditional grey suit, much more form-fitting and mobile looking, that this trend showed any signs of being broken.

  • Rainbow BatsuitDuring one mission, Batman had to use several Batsuits with different colours in order to keep the attention on him instead of his partner, Robin. The different colours used were red, blue, orange, green and golden. There were also two special Batsuits: one was white with a bullseye on Batman's chest instead of the Bat-emblem and the second one was a "Rainbow Batsuit", which was probably Batman's most notorious batsuit. After this mission, Batman stored all the coloured batsuits and never used them again.

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  • Alternate Batsuits were available as pre-order bonuses for . Following the game's release, a "Skins Pack" became available on the Xbox Live Market & the Playstation Network, enabling Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 players to obtain all of the pre-order batsuits.

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By 1995, the suit was eventually modified, the cloak becoming a scalloped-edged cape and the gloves becoming gauntlets with three “fins” with claws imbedded in the fingers for climbing. Famously drawn by the likes of Neal Adams and Jim Aparo, he eventually created a unique fire-retardant and chemical-resistant triple-weave Kevlar thread for the suit. The material had carbon nanotube fibers that imparted it with a unique sheen and made it heavily resistant to tearing. This material would go into the creation of all following batsuits and other suits in the Bat Family. The most notable traits of this evolution was the incorporation of the yellow ellipse around the bat emblem as well as the capsule utility belt.