What Size Dirt Bike For a 10 Year Old

Can anyone give me any advice on a mountain bike for a 10 year old

Help picking bike for 10 year old.

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  • Are you spending a lot of time on choosing a special as well as practical mountain bike for yourself? If that is the case, why not consider purchasing a mountain bike for 10 year old boy here?

    Hello everyone, I was hoping some of you could provide me with a bit of help in trying to find a decent bmx bike for my 10 year old sons bday.

    Basically he want's to be able to ride around our neighborhood, but he'd eventually like to start racing as well (we have a park by our house). He'd prefer it to be light weight. I think basically he wants a mix between a racing bike and a freestyle bike? My budget is $200-$300...I told him it was $200.

    He found a bike on amazon that he really likes, the Diamondback grind pro ( )

    From what I've read, this seems like a good beginner bike for kids...especially in the $200 price range. What do you guys think of this bike? Would he be able to race with it, even though it seems to be a freestyle bike. Also, I'm having a hard time finding a weight for it, on amazon it says shipping is 38lbs...isn't that pretty heavy?

    Lookin around online I came across the Haro 350.1 from danscomp website. It's about $100 more expensive, but it's on sale and seems like a solid bike. ( )

    How would you guys compare the two bikes? Which would be better for my son? Any other recommendations?

    Thanks a lot!

  • For a first geared bike for a 10 year old, based on my kids (who ride a lot) I'd recommend avoiding double cranksets. Whilst they have a certain cool factor very few kids use them effectively. Better to have a cassette with a wide range.


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    Subject: RE: Road bike for 10 year old - 650c or 24" wheel

    How tall is he now?

    lkct01234, at 5'3", got an XS Felt road bike with 650 wheels this year. It fits her well, and would still fit some one slightly shorter (with strategic stem replacement).

    I'd go with the 650's over 24" any day.

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    Subject: Road bike for 10 year old - 650c or 24" wheel

    I keep missing them by a few minutes on here and my ebay luck is horrible.

    I am the soon to be proud stepfather of a 10 year old boy who is doing so well in his triathlons, that I want to reward him with a real road bike. This is all he wants for Christmas.  I wish I would have realized that finding these small road bikes is tough.

    I would prefer a 650c bike with a pretty small frame - standover 26 - 27", but at this point would even go for one of 24" wheel bikes. I realize he will outgrow that pretty quick.

    If you have anything like this that you want to unload please contact me. If you have any leads that would be great too.  No set budget so open to what I can come up with.


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