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Thanks for the good idea with Bloomz. I began to try and so far really like it.

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  • Greetings,
    In Bloomz, Parent-to-Parent communication is an option that a teacher can turn on or off, making it a teacher decision. There are also new features coming in August for Student Timelines (portfolios of work), video support, and Behavior Tracking. #Allin1App

    I've had a weebly web page and last year set up shutterfly. I like the ease of set up from weebly and liked they parent message board and other aspects of shutterfly but am wondering how bloomz compare in that way. With weebly I could end a year and reset to get ready for a new year - not able to do that with shutterfly. Also do you have to be one with an iPhone ? thanks for your review and response

  • I love the idea of Bloomz, BUT am I reading correctly that parents can post themselves? Or can only the teacher post? And can parents send messages back and forth or contact each other? I know some parents are quite private.

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for reading and for the comment! With Weebly and Shutterfly, everything you post would be public on the web - unless you have password protected the site/galleries. With Bloomz, everything you share out with parents would be private to just them, plus you can send out notifications, messages, and things like that as well and parents can get updates on their phone. Both have their advantages.

    And nope, you don't have to have an iPhone, you can message through SMS, Android, or just a plan old computer as well. Thanks again for reading,


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    Hi DeeAnn,

    Apologies for the delay, just got the official answer back on this from the Bloomz team:

    For your first question, yes, 400 would be fine: You can create one class for all 400, or split them by grade or something else, if there was any need for specific communication. Otherwise it would work well.

    For the second question, Yes, you can import all contacts - if you have everything in a spreadsheet already, it's as easy as copy/paste into the email tool in the app.

    Hope that helps!


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