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Drawing: How To Draw Blu from Rio - Step by Step

Rio 9" Blue Macaw Stuffed Toy Plush Doll - Blu

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  • Take the first step of the tutorial by sketching an oval shape head for Blu. Trace the facial attributes of the bird adding definition on its thick and bulky beak. Draw the applicable strokes forming the elongated neck of the bird. This is the middle part of the art tutorial How to draw Blu from Rio. Illustrate short lines for the body hair of Blu. Sketch the elongated spikes for the wings of the bird. Outline the edges with black ink and shade the art creation with applicable colors.

    And here you have it…a beautiful black and white line drawing of Blu from Rio. You can also print this sucker out and use it as a printable coloring page and color him in.

Blu and Linda in the bookshop in ..