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Enfamil Standard-Flow Soft Nipple (Pack of 12)

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  • To search for and purchase Similac baby bottle nipples, look no further than the vast selection found on eBay. For a broach search to the general selection of Similac baby bottle nipples available, simply word search by typing in " ." Buyers can further narrow the search option by selecting a category such as "," "," and " ." Consider alternate searches such as "" and "". For the most accurate results, an " " is recommended.

    The bond that is created between a parent and child during a feeding session is a nurturing connection that can last a lifetime. Parents should ensure the baby bottle nipple is a comfortable fit with a balanced milk flow rate to maintain a satisfied and well digested baby. The Similac is an innovative, convenient, and efficient example of quality materials and forethought of child development. By offering buyers a range of age appropriate options, Similac baby bottle nipples aim to meet the standards required to settle hungry babies who are growing strong. Parents should follow safety baby bottle nipple guidelines, such as proper cleaning and knowing when it is time to replace. Similac baby bottle nipples are an ideal option for active families as they do not require cleaning and can be disposed of after each use. As a rule, it is wise to always inspect the baby bottle nipple prior to use to ensure there is no damage or signs of excessive wear. Find all selections of Similac baby bottle nipples directly at for baby.

  • Although silicone is a very durable and resistant material for baby bottle nipples, knowing when to replace them is an important safety and sanitation recommendation for new parents. Parents should look out for signs of excessive wear, while keeping in mind the suggested milk flow rates change as a baby grows. For example, the replacement of an orthodontic baby bottle nipple for an age upgraded infant baby bottle nipple is critical to overall health and development.

    Before and after every feeding, a parent should ensure the baby bottle and nipple are properly sanitized to minimize the risk of unintended sickness for the baby. Although Similac baby bottle nipples are sold as disposable and are not recommended for multiple uses, non-disposable baby bottle nipples require only a simple warm and soapy water cleaning method to adequately sanitize. Be sure to completely dry the baby bottle nipples, as well as store in a covered container when not in use.

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    Another name for the nipple

    Vented Nipples

    Nipples that have holes to prevent the baby from swallowing too much air

    Nipple Flow Rate

    Refers to how fast the milk flows out of the nipple; determined by the size or number of holes in the nipple itself


    A disorder in babies that is marked by crying, crankiness, or extreme distress for seemingly no explicable reason

    Breast Pump

    A small device that extracts breast milk from women for storage and use at a later time


    Any method used to remove germs, bacteria, and other foreign matter from the bottles or nipples

    When taking care of your baby you want to keep everything clean, right? The Baby Bottle Nipple UV-C Sanitizer may be the most important thing you use each time you prepare a bottle for your baby. It also works on pacifiers, teething rings and anything else that reaches baby's mouth. Beyond eliminating germs and bacteria, this sanitizer plays a musical note when the disinfection cycle is complete. And we all know that's what's most important, right? Well, there are other things too. Like having a child safety feature built into the construction of this sanitizer. It's portable and easy to use, so you can take it anywhere and even clean your baby's pacifier after they have spit it out on the sidewalk during a walk. It works like this: environmentally friendly UV-C light is an effective germ killer, taking out everything from viruses to molds or other potential allergens. That means you can keep your bottles, pacifiers and teething rings "baby safe" no matter where you go or when you use them. Trust us: It's worth the $29.95 investment to keep your baby safe from all those germy things out there in the world.

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OXO Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner will help you clean baby bottles quickly so you can spend more time with your baby. Its soft and firm bristles allow both gentle cleaning and scrubbing. The brush has a flexible neck for easy reach within bottles of different shapes and sizes. It has a soft handle that is non-slip, even when wet. Inside the handle is a silicone nipple cleaner that will help you clean delicate items like bottle nipples and breast pumps more effectively.