Many companies offer products that help make breast pumping easier.

Breast pumps are non-returnable.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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  • All hospital grade breast pumps are closed systems which is why they can be used by multiple users and why they are considered more hygienic than closed system breast pumps.

    The problem with open systems is that the milk can flow into other parts of the breast pump. This means that there is more cleaning to do, and if the cleaning is not thorough, then there is a chance of the breast milk becoming contaminated.

  • The basic difference between a closed and an open system of breast pump is that closed systems have a barrier which prevents the breast milk from getting into the pumps tubing or motor. This is consider more hygienic.

    Cost can be a big factor with hospital grade breast pumps as many of them are not cheap. If you can not afford the top quality pump, the Spectra Baby USA S2 is a very good quality option that is good for the wallet as well and still highly recommended.

    Item Code Bulb Size Bulb Capacity in cm2 (ml) Raw material milk receiver
    PVC1000 Breast pump bulb size 3. 41 Polycarbonate.
    PVC1003 Breast pump bulb size 3. 41


    PVC1009 Breast pump bulb size 3. 41 Glass - Hand blown.
    PVC1012 Breast pump bulb size 3. 41 Glass - Machine made.
    PVC1015 Breast pump bulb size 4. 57 Polycarbonate.
    PVC1018 Breast pump bulb size 4. 57 Polypropylene.
    PVC1021 Breast pump bulb size 4. 57 Glass - Hand blown.
    PVC1024 Breast pump bulb size 4. 57 Glass - Machine made.

  • Feature
    – Hospital Grade Pump
    Quiet and hospital level strength of pumping.
    – Double Sided Expression
    Effective double sided expression.
    – Rhythmic Suction
    Mimics baby’s natural suction allowing faster let down.
    – Comfortable
    Adjustable vacuum setting enables optimum setting.
    – Extra Long Life Motor System
    Extra long life motor and efficient piston mechanism.
    – Closed System
    Back flow protection for hygienic pumping.
    – Switch to Manual Pump
    Use the Switch Kit to “switch” to a manual breast pump.
    – Product: Breast Pump
    – Model: FORTE#
    – Suction power(mmHg): 0-300mmHg±10%
    – Suction cycle(Cycle/min): Approx.46
    – Single or dual pumping options: Dual pumping
    – Power source: Ac adapter
    – Packing Unit: 1Set, Approx, 1.74kg
    – Electric type: 100V/50/60Hz, 110V/50/60Hz, 120V/60Hz, 220V/50/60Hz, 230V/50Hz, 240V/50Hz

    There are many reason you may need to use a breast pump. Perhaps you had premature babies and you need to use a breast pump to establish your supply and to take breast milk into the hospital for your children. Other moms use breast pumps to increase their milk supply. Moms who return to work and wish to continue breast feeding will need to use a breast pump. Most moms use a breast pump at least sometimes, so they can take an evening off or allow their partner to do one of the night feeds. If you are unsure about breast pumping, this is useful.

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The Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump is surprisingly fast to use, quiet and has great suction which does not decrease over time. The fully adjustable suction allows moms to adjust both the speed of the pump and the suction, leading to an individualized, comfortable pumping experience.