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Enjoy some Bubble Fun in this Match 3 game as you try to destroy all of the bubbles by matching like colors!

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    Water sphere’s are the perfect water walking device. A cool transparent device that allows the rider inside the bubble ball to finally walk on the water, and even better you don’t get wet while doing it.

    If so, you will love this collection of bubble fun ideas. And, I am always looking for more bubble activities. If you have them, please share in the comments section below!

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  • Kids love bubbles. In our and classrooms, bubbles are almost magical. Really! Add bubbly water to a and it makes the activity that much better. Blow bubbles outside and you will hear squeals of laughter. Right? Bubble fun activities are always a hit, so we use them often.

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With summer just around the corner, we’re searching for fun ideas to keep us outdoors. For us that means water play and bubbles. Squeaker is just starting to be interested in bubbles, so I’m planning a ton of summer bubble fun ideas for her to enjoy while Sweet B is away at day camp. But the fun won’t stop there, of course, because I know that Sweet B will want to participate too. I love bubble play because it’s sensory, fun, and easy.