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Haktoys 1700G Bubble Gun Transparent Shooter with LED Lights, 3 x AA Batteries, and Extra Bottle

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  • The LED bubble guns come complete with bubble solution for the most awesome bubbles, but you can easily get more bubble solution in any discount store or even make it yourself from dishwashing liquid and water. Just fill the bottle up again and you’ll be ready to go. What’s more, batteries are included as well so anyone can have tons of colorful flashing bubble-shooting fun the second you open the package.

    The flashing bubble guns will provide ultimate entertainment because unlike flashing jewelry they will make everyone want to play with them immediately. They can provide hours of entertainment for your party guests, adults and kids alike. Imagine what will happen if you get several and give them to your friends, a sure way so no one will ever get bored.

  • The bubble guns make creative and affordable gifts for the little ones. Get something truly unique for the next birthday party and watch the smile on their face when they see the colors flashing. For even more fun with awesome effect sounds get our LED flashing bubble blaster gun!

    Our LED flashing bubble guns are one sure way to get your party guests off their seats! They are great because they’ll invite everyone to creative and fun play. Use them to shoot bubbles at your friends when you pull the trigger and enjoy them flashing and blinking in many colors. The big bubble blaster is even better because it has sound effects as well for the ultimate bubble gun fun. Those LED guns are simply a must-have for any party – plus, they make awesome gifts for the kids!

    "FRICTION POWERED WHALE BUBBLE GUNS. Pump the trigger to make skads of BUBBLEs. Includes GUN and BUBBLE juice. Assorted colors. Each blister carded with hanging tab. Perfect for party favors. Size 6 Inches, packaging 7 X 6.75 Inches"
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    Price: 159.84
    item uploaded: 09/12/2016
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    "FLASHING WHALE BUBBLE GUNS w/ MUSIC. Watch the BUBBLEs fly as the colors flash and the music plays. 2 bottles of BUBBLE liquid and 3 ""AA"" batteries included. Assorted colors. Each blister carded. Size 8 Inches, packaging 11 X 8.5 Inches"
    Category: BUBBLEs
    Price: 184.56
    item uploaded: 09/12/2016
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    Why not get a bunch of flashing bubble guns to spice up your boring office work? They will be a hit with your co-workers: Fire away when the boss isn’t looking!

From small bubbles to giant bubbles bubble madness is on

The bubble guns will not only be great toys for parties, birthdays and other fun events. They make cool gadgets to relief stress and tension at your office too. Assuming your boss is cool with it, get a bunch for awesome bubble fights with your co-workers on break. Who knows, maybe your boss is a nice guy and wants one for himself as well. It’s payback time!!