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EASY MAGIC TRICK: Buy Amazing greatest close up coin illusion kit. Kids beginners 2016 boys & girls 8+. With how to do video link. Best magician set.

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  • Seek out the opinion of that don’t have a vested interest in the magic tricks they stock. There is nothing wrong with wanting to buy magic tricks from manufacturers, but make sure you get a second opinion. love their work and are, quite rightly proud of it. You can get valuable advice from talking to magic creators, but also consult magicians that are not so close to the project, and can discuss the alternatives with you.

    Email or phone the magic shop to ask the dealers opinion before you buy magic tricks. They want a happy long term relationship with you as a customer much more than they want to make a one time sale. Good magic shops are staffed full time by professional working magicians and are told to give customers their real honest opinions of the tricks they stock.

  • When you decide to buy magic tricks, make it because they will fit your style and your act. Because it’s new, can be a terrible reason to choose any magic tricks. Be selective, and pick your magic tricks with care and put thought into it. If the only reason you are interested in is to know it’s secret, it’s nothing more than a puzzle to you.

    When buying magic tricks, it's prudent to ask the dealer if the purchase is Age-appropriate and relevant to the intended user. After consideration, he may well suggest something more suited to the occasion.

  • When buying beginning magic tricks, you can purchase tricks in magic sets or buy them individually from magic dealers. While there are lots of tricks that only require common household items, most magicians will want to work with magic props at some point.

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Many beginners face this problem when they start buying magic tricks. It has a name in the magic community: Jiffy Bag Rage. The name stems from the fact that many magic tricks come with just a few props and a sheet of instructions sealed in a clear plastic jiffy bag. The magician has been excitedly waiting for the trick to arrive and thinking about what the method will be. When it finally arrives, there is a moment of anti-climax when they open the jiffy bag and discover the secret. In that moment, the 'mystery' of how to do the magic trick is removed, and all that is left is a few very basic props and the prospect of starting the process of practice.