4. Layer your cargo vest over or under a leather jacket.

14. You can button up your cargo vest, then belt it so it looks a little more unique.

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  • There are lots of you should be aware of, and one of them is cargo anything, whether it’s , pants, , or vests. It’s also no surprise that olive green (which can also be kind of an army green) is one of Pantone’s colors for fall 2015. What does all of that mean for you? It means you should probably buy some cargo vests.

    Why? Because cargo vests are great transitional pieces for summer to fall, and they’re also versatile and easy to wear. Throwing on a cargo vest can make an outfit go from boring and simple to a little more interesting pretty quickly. Oh, and all of the outfits you can create with them are really adorable. Don’t believe me? Just check out the inspiration below. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear cargo vests this fall:

  • *Queue the airhorns* The Cargo Vest represents the quickest way to tan your arms this winter. We'll tell you what we like to do: Wait for the blizzard, layer up three of these badboys and get after the gnar no sleeves. Why? Because sleeveless is just that bad-ass.

    Think of vests like any other accessory. You can add them to a simple outfit to make the look more interesting, they work any time of year, and they can totally change the vibe of an outfit. While harder to find than a great statement necklace, a good vest is a must-have, particularly the cargo vest. At first glance, I can see why this piece might be intimidating to some, but as I do with any new article of clothing, start with your staples and go from there.

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    For my first attempt at styling a cargo vest, I went with a very simple base: a striped t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and my go-to booties. This outfit felt like me and made it easier to just throw the vest on top knowing it would work no matter what. And that’s always my advice when trying a trend you’ve never worn before: start with the basics. Once you get comfortable with that, move on to something a little more challenging. The best way to get more creative with a new piece is to add a new, non-basic item each time you wear it. Try pairing your cargo vest with a dress next time for a fun contrast, or add fun printed pants and keep the top simple.

Women's Cargo Vest Dark Green XS - Mossimo : Target

Start your outdoor adventures with the right gear with the Backyard Safari Adventures Cargo Vest! Poly-twill fabric vest has four cargo pockets, one 2-inch-deep zipper pocket (with mesh-net outer pocket), 4 D-rings, custom zipper pulls and cargo shoulder epaulets with snap closures. Vest is 18″ x 15″ and comes with a Pop-Up Essential Field Guide in the clear-view front pocket. Backyard Safari represents an authentic line of year-round children outdoor, camp and nature products. Whether your safari takes place in the park, at the campground, on the beach or even your own backyard, you’ll be geared up and ready for action! The Cargo Vest is for ages 6 and up!