Taxpayers fall into one of several categories.

Nor is it logical to declare the categories to be indescribable.

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  • Of the categories that produce top-sellers, Music was particularly impressive. On average, the 15 Music top-sellers analyzed were on the Top 100 list on 30 different days. (The one Weather app appeared in the Top 100 on 58 different days.) I used duration to see which categories had more proven top-sellers. Solid top-sellers have appeared on the Top 100 Paid apps list on at least 20 different days, while Marginal top-sellers have appeared in less than 10. The Marginal top-sellers have a short-term burst in sales, and are hits for only a few days.

    With an , iPhone users are happily experimenting and searching for useful software. While the Top 100 list is a convenient shortcut, savvier users in search of apps do so within categories. Someone in need of a mortgage app will need to navigate within the Finance category. As this illustrates, the Top 100 list is a bit like the Billboard Hot 100: it’s heavy on the pop side.

  • In the absence of download information, the popularity rankings are the best available proxy for “sales”: frequent appearances on the Top 100 Paid Apps list is a good indicator that an app is selling well. Having access to data from around the launch date of the iTunes store, I was able to focus on apps with longer track records (at least 60 days old). The number of days an app spends on the Top 100 list varies across categories:

    The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards arrive on Sunday (8 p.m. on ABC), and while some of my favorite shows, like Game of Thrones and Veep, are expected to walk away with a boatload of trophies, there are several nominated performances by African-American stars for whom I’m rooting. And because we all love to see black people win awards, here are the categories you should watch—with my predictions on how the nominees will do.

    Read the 3 items and decide on what category they belong to. All answers are just one word. This activity is appropriate to use during speech/language therapy focusing on expressive language and vocabulary. Have fun!!!

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  • I previously looked into the (henceforth known as the top-sellers) and found that their average price has been declining. In this post, I’ll examine which iTunes categories† are producing the most top-sellers. In terms of number of unique apps, , with Sports, Education, and Entertainment posting the highest growth rate.

Here's a quick look at the complete list of categories:

Following this method also guarantees that the categoriesdistinguished are mutually exclusive, for it is a corollary of thisposition that entities may be identified only if they are governed bythe same identity conditions (and meet those), so that it is ruledout a priori that one and the same entity could belong to twoor more distinct categories, in violation of the mutual exclusivityrequirement.