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Ceaco jigsaw puzzles offer a wide selection of beautiful images, high grade material and some of the best artists around.

Ceaco Funny Business - Haunted Party Puzzle

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  • I unfortunately have to agree that Ceaco puzzles are off my list. I have a couple of them, but the last one I bought had too much puzzle dust, was very thin, with a lot of image lift, and didn’t look like it would hold up. I ended up donating it. My favorites are the Charles Wysocki cat ones from Buffalo. Love the website! Thanks for putting all this info together.

    I’ve completed two Ceaco puzzles from their Magical World line. Both were great puzzles with gorgeous, vibrant images. They were each 750 piece puzzles. I am one of those people who only puts a puzzle together once. However, I gave the first puzzle to my sister’s family and was with them when they put it together (2nd time for that puzzle). There were no problems with the puzzle on that second round. And it was so gorgeous, I’m a little bit sad that I left it with them. I still have the second Ceaco puzzle together sitting on my loveseat. I can’t bring myself to tear it down. But I whole-heartedly agree with your assessment of the boxes. It is not a secure closure.

  • I actually found the unusual piece shape of the recent Ceaco puzzle I tried to be too frustrating, but I’ll allow that that might just be due to not being used to non-grid puzzles.

    From Newton, Massachusetts, Ceaco was founded in 1987. Ceaco offers high quality, innovative, and challenging jigsaw puzzles for the entire family. Their design team is dedicated to seeking and promoting artists as well as new technologies, trends, and puzzle materials. Ceaco jigsaw puzzles are diverse in subject; from beautiful illustrations and brilliant photography to fun collages. Their mission is clear: to be at the forefront of the industry, as they continue to produce jigsaw puzzles with a distinguished aesthetic and a focus on family fun. Ceaco jigsaw puzzles are proudly made in the USA.

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    New partners to have joined the Num Noms property, include Canal Toys, Ceaco for puzzles, ES Originals for footwear, MZ Berger for clocks and banks, Palamon International for Hallowen costumes, Party City Holdings for party goods, Scento for stationery.

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Ceaco Jigsaw Puzzle's mission is to create high quality, innovative and challenging jigsaw puzzles and to provide countless hours of family bonding and fun. Ceaco prides themselves on developing and maintaining long standing relationships with some of the greatest artists of our time. Their talented team of designers and marketing professionals are in constant search all over the world for developing trends, emerging artwork, and new technologies involving printing, die cutting and state of the art puzzle materials. Their purpose is clear and focused: to continue to be in the forefront of the jigsaw industry and create a product that combines family entertainment with a distinctive Ceaco Puzzles aesthetic.