Above Ground Swimming Pools, Discount Prices – Cheap pools

Above Ground Swimming Pools, Discount Prices – Cheap pools

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  • Many owners of cheap pools assert that upgrading to more powerful pumps, bigger filters, and sturdier skimmers is the only way to keep the water fresh and free of debris and algae, and is definitely worth the extra expense. So, it seems, is upgrading to Intex's saltwater filter system. According to above-ground pool reviews on Sears, pool owners who have made the switch are thrilled with their decision, noting that the water stays clear and fresh and salt is far cheaper and less abrasive than chlorine.

    Many pool owners insist that buying a heftier pump and better filter is a worthwhile investment. But you can also step up to a different type of filter system. A sand filter is easier to maintain than regular cartridges -- Intex says the sand on its filter needs to be replaced every five years. (Note: This is a schedule that could outlast your cheap backyard pool.) But sand filters are also far costlier, starting in the neighborhood of $200.

  • The lining for cheap swimming pools with metal walls is typically a heavy-duty vinyl. The shell on the Intex metal frame and Ultra Frame models does double-duty as the liner. Many pool owners report problems such as pinhole leaks that often show up in the liner (or shell) during the summer or after winter storage. Among the few reviews we found for the Summer Escapes 18' x 48" pool were complaints about tiny holes in the triple-layer PVC liner even when brand new. Patch kits for liners are sometimes included with cheap swimming pools (Intex, for example), but you can buy them separately for less than $10.

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