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A Sept. 21 public hearing will be held before the Parish Council gives final approval to the measure.

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  • Arrogant and disdainful types tend to raise an eyebrow at anything they consider beneath them. The original supercilious crowd must have shown that raised-eyebrow look often, because the adjective supercilious derives from "supercilium," Latin for eyebrow. (We plucked our adjective and its meaning from the Latin adjective superciliosus.) "Supercilious" has been used to describe the censoriously overbearing since the late 1600s, but there was a time in the 1700s when it was also used as a synonym of another "supercilium" descendent, "superciliary" ("of, relating to, or adjoining the eyebrow"). Although the eyebrow sense of "supercilious" is now obsolete, it does help explain what ornithologist John Latham meant in 1782 when he described a "Supercilious K[ingfisher]" with a narrow orange stripe over its eyes.

    Jorgeson had a sharp tongue and was so supercilious in his remarks that I didn't know quite how seriously I should take this talk, but I enjoyed his humor and I did believe he had the sensibilities of an artist. —Thom Jones, New Yorker, 2 Dec. 1991

  • Latin superciliosus, from supercilium eyebrow, haughtiness, from super- + -cilium eyelid (akin to celare to hide) — more at

    The Laval Public Library service’s bookmobile will also be at the Centre de la Nature. Those interested in subscribing to the free service will be able to borrow books from a facility that travels all over Laval. Other fun activities at the Centre de la Nature on Sept. 4 will be row boat and canoe rentals on the lake, a petting farm, a mini-village area, pony rides and a water park.

  • Not everything you needed for play came in the box, though. For one, you needed paper and pencils…which is understandable, given the size of the box. But, you also need a ruler and a couple of six-sided dice. Inevitably, you probably had a ruler, and the dice were probably ‘borrowed’ from a board game that sat dusty in the closet, never to return.

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“We are going to build a small levee from Dulac extended, which should have been done years ago, to help stop the tidal flooding in the area,” Councilman Al Marmande said.