Cloth diaper choices comparison and features.

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Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count

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  • Our diapers are made with a six-layer center soaker pad designed to give you maximum absorption and protection. Cotton has higher absorbency ensuring that your cloth diaper will be dry and comfortable longer. This diaper is well suited for effective overnight bladder or fecal leakage protection. Our flannel cloth adult diapers are considered to have the softest material to the touch and are very comfortable to your skin.

    Our unique fitted, contour-shaped, adult cloth diapers have a trimmer fit, so they can be discreetly worn under your clothes. The soft, cotton flannel design eliminates tricky folds for the perfect fit and comfort. This diaper's unique hourglass shape provides a trimmer fit that also helps support the diaper from sagging. This adult diaper is also narrow between the legs to reduce bulk with wide wings to wrap comfortably around your waist for a slim look.

  • For those suffering from allergic and skin irritation due to chemicals in paper pulp used in the making of disposable adult diapers, absorbent cotton cloth is the perfect solution. To ensure waterproof protection, plastic vinyl pants or bloomers should be worn on the outside. The new, reusable, adult cloth diapers should be washed at least twice before using them. They will then undergo a transformation and quilt up into thick, soft and very absorbent diapers, staying effective for several years as well as being environmentally friendly and easy to launder. These quality cotton incontinence diapers are made in the USA by Gary®.

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    LeakMaster Adult Pull On Diapers

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    Our Pull On Style Adult Cloth Diaper is made with soft, absorbent 100% cotton flannel. It has a six layered external soaker pad and two full width flannel layers. The soaker pad is attached at the ends on the inside of the diaper but is not in the interior of the diaper. This helps improve laundering and drying time. There is no fumbling with diaper pins, snaps or Velcro!

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    When we began our cloth diapering journey, I built my stash with a majority of hook and loop pockets and covers. This seemed to be the easiest way for us to transition away from disposables as well as the most fail-proof way for grandparents to get the hang of our new system.

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The first and foremost reason to use cloth is: NO Dioxins! When washed with natural soaps, the cloth diaper is the gentler choice. The chances of diaper rash or allergy reactions from cloth diaper use are diminished if laundered correctly.