I really enjoyed working on this watercolor board.

Wow...love the color board. Jade is my favorite color...steamy and sultry--I LOVE IT!

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  • The Color Board needs to be on track #1(or a lower track # than your picture). The Picture needs to be on a Higher track # to put the picture "in front" of the Color Board.

    EDIT: The Answer is below. Your Window within PD10 holding your Color Boards needs to be dragged over to the right. It is covering the Library Menu" button.

  • You could put a Color Board on top of the video, resize it in the Preview Window, or select the Color Board on the timeline and select "Modify" you can change the size of the Color Board in the PIP Designer Window. Drag the corners and sides of the image to resize it. Uncheck the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" if you want to unlock that. Drage and move the color board and place it where you want on top of the video clip.

    Enter your Red, Green, Blue values in the fields, select the "Add to Custom Colors", then select "OK" and your new custom will be available in the Color Board Display.

  • King ColorBoard® is upgradable to King MicroShield® with an exclusive antimicrobial additive from Biosafe®, the latest technology for protecting the product surface against stain and odor causing bacteria, algae and fungi.*

USB 2.0 CMOS Color Board Camera - 20B14XUSB, 21B14XUSB

We’re still making color boards for you guys and showing you how you can create a fun, custom palette with your color board. Last week we showed you a color board based on a palette that has already been used to design a room. Did you miss last week’s color board? It’s okay! Take a quick look !