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Scribblenauts Unmasked - A DC Comics Adventure - Nintendo Wii U

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  • According to new listed by (via ), the developer currently has two new DC Comics video games in development, and they might need your help in getting them made. Provided you’re a senior animator, program developer or have the necessary skills and resume in the other applicable openings. Still, that the DC gaming universe is expanding is good news. Now we can rampantly speculate about what’s to come from the developer behind and ‘s Batgirl DLC.

    When it comes to great DC Comics video games, most fans think of recent blockbusters like the Arkham series or Injustice: Gods Among Us. But they aren't the only games that have captured the fun of being costumed hero in the DC Universe. For every clunker like or , there's another game that did justice to our favorite heroes.

  • Though the landscape for DC Comics video games has been predominantly -centric, particularly as of late, that doesn’t mean the publisher isn’t working in tandem with Warner Brother’s other divisions to bring its comic properties to the interactive market. The Batman: Arkham series has been such a rousing success though, it’s no wonder the efforts of WB Interactive have been solely focused on the Dark Knight. That all might change in the coming months and year.

    Still, if were to compile a list of all the best DC Comics video games, the Batman: Arkham series would take up too many spots from titles just as deserving. That’s why we’ve completely ruled the Arkham games out of the equation. Those games are good. You know it. We know it. Your grandmother probably knows it because even she can’t deny the awesome power of .

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