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Decongestant nose sprays and drops are also available over the counter.

3 Bottle Set-Nature Shield Kids Ready to use, immune boosting, Easy Breezy Kids no mess, hassle free, allergy fighting, decongestant and Lavender Kids Calming and soothing helps relax. 10 ml roll-on.

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  • Speaking about topical decongestant nasal sprays, there is less data concerning safe brands for use during pregnancy. Of course, Afrin, Sudafed, and Ocean Mist nasal sprays are considered safer than other brands. A study was performed to check the safety of oxymetazoline (active ingredient in topical decongestant brand AfrinR) in pregnant women. If the usage frequency is limited to two times daily for a few days, there are no major side effects. Nevertheless, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) categorizes this drug under pregnancy category C, meaning that it can cause adverse effects to the unborn child, and administration should be done under medical guidance.

    Meet Mr. Mucus, the green, wet ball of snot who has been the face of decongestant brand Mucinex since 2004. Now he’s taking his sick shtick to Twitter where he will react to real tweets about sickness and about himself. Mucinex is rolling out a series of five entertaining 15-second video clips with agency McCann, in which the 3D-animated phlegm ball reads out actual tweets that people have sent about having the flu.

  • Sudafed, the UK’s number one selling decongestant brand with value sales of £22M, will be driving further category growth this winter with the launch of two new products worth an estimated £5M!

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