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Disney Princess Jasmine Doll -- 12''

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  • Sadly, Disney Princesses and Barbie dolls are only the tip of the ice berg. Girls are constantly, and often silently, taught that they are not pretty or good enough. Whether it be due to comparing themselves to photoshopped models on magazine covers or to actresses who have the power of make up artists, hair stylists and personal trainers, it is no surprise that so many girls struggle with self confidence. Unfortunately, girls are being thrown into this vicious cycle at young ages due to the unrealistic expectations that companies, such as Disney and Barbie dolls, set.

    A set of Disney themed Barbie dolls. The dolls include Rapunzel Barbie (1994), Cinderella Barbie (1996), KB Toys Collector Edition Winter Dreams Cinderella Barbie (1997), Sleeping Beauty Barbie (1997) Together in Paris Anya And Dimitri Barbie set (1997), Holiday Princess Belle Barbie (1997), and Cruella Deville Ruthless in Red Barbie (1997).Each of the 8 dolls are in their original packaging, contain all of their original pieces, and appear to be in immaculate condition.

Disney Princess Jasmine Doll -- 12'' $14.96 Prime