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Dr. Brown's BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle, 3 Count

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  • We get on well with the Dr Brown bottles - DS had terrible wind at first using bottles & teats we got free from the hospital after our stay in SCBU, I can't really compare them to other brands on this basis. DS only really now gets bad wind when he's had a big crying jag and swallowed lots of air. They ARE a bit of a faff to clean with the little brush for the valve but we're used to that now. I think it also helps that the teats are very soft silicone.

    Can't advise on BF/FF and wind much as only BF for a few weeks, but i found Dr Browns bottle a god send. Tried cheaper alternatives first but these were the only thing that helped DS (well that a C & G comfort formula).

  • I've been using the Dr Brown bottles and the Nuby bottles with vari-flow nipples. I have found that the nuby bottles with vari flow nipples give my son the least amount of gas. The nipple allows for the milk to be dispensed more like it is from the breast.

    Dr Brown's single 120ml glass baby bottle is BPA free with an anti-colic vent insert that relieves the vacuum normally found in standard baby bottles. The patented air vent found in Dr Browns glass bottles helps to relieve your babies suffering from an upset tummy, colic, excessive wind or gas, and spit-up.

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    I recently switched to Dr Browns bottles at the reccomendation of my friend. I was using the Medela bottle/nippes that came with my breast pump and my baby had a ton of trapped gas.

    Whatever the science is... it works. While my 10 week baby still tries to chug down his daily bottle his gas is much more controlled (still have to burp him once or twice).

    The major downside is all the parts to the bottle- it makes cleaning them a pain in the butt- but worth it for me!

Honest Review - Dr browns bottles

Not sure why people like Dr Brown bottles. They leak, there are too many parts to clean, the side with the measurments is too difficult to read. WhatI have learned is that ALL babies will have gas and NO one bottle will prevent that. So go with the simplest and easiest bottle.

The playtex vent aire are also a pain for the same reasons as the Dr. Browns.

My favorites are Medela, First Essentials, and Evenflo. They are simple to use, easy to clean and no leaks!!