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The Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra is a group of musicians that record children's music for the Baby Einstein albums.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

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  • In the summer of 2012, Sarah and I ditched our computers and went backpacking across North America. Traveling by train and bus, we visited sixteen cities and witnessed a lot of live music — in DIY venues, bars, parks, festivals and large outdoor arenas. We stayed with friends we’d made through this music blog, Einstein Music Journal. It really was an amazing adventure.

    The "Baby Einstein" series features definitive pieces from major classical composers as performed by the Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra. Representing the Baroque period is Baby Vivaldi, which presents delicate, delightful performances of such pieces as "Concerto in D Major, RV93, 1st Movement" and "The Four Seasons, Summer, RV269, 1st and 3rd Movements." The orchestra's flutes, harps, synths, percussion, and, of course, music boxes offer plenty of musical colors that complement the complex nature of Baroque music perfectly while giving it a distinctly innocent, childlike feel. A charming album, Baby Vivaldi offers many moods and sounds, as well as a creative way to introduce very young children to these timeless melodies.

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