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  • Federal law says a “low-speed electric bicycle,” defined as a two- or three-wheeled vehicle with a motor of less than 750 watts and a top speed of less than 20 mph on level pavement with a 170-pound rider, is not considered a motor vehicle. Nonetheless, laws governing the use of electric bikes and scooters vary by state. You may encounter varying provisions regarding licensing, insurance, titling, helmet use, lights, operator age, top speed and more. You can check your state’s regulations at or .

    Many industry experts lament the flood of cheap Asian electric bikes and scooters on the market. They have driven some of the more reputable, quality-conscious manufacturers out of business, leaving some early buyers high and dry. A prime example is WaveCrest Labs, builder of my e-bike, the TidalForce. The company announced last year it would abandon the e-bike business. Before that, Ford’s short-lived Th!nk electric vehicle division briefly sold e-bikes before pulling out of the market. And the fate of Lee Iacocca’s EV Global E-Bike line remains clouded, according to industry insiders.

  • Scooteretti is your one stop shop for top-quality electric scooters and electric bikes in Ontario and Québec. Our electric bikes and scooters are sleek, safe and fun to ride. No licence or insurance is required to start riding! Scooteretti products are simply engineered to be better, with each one of our products meeting and exceeding the highest manufacturing, design and industry safety standards. Our electric bikes and electric scooters are built to last, and offer the rider optimal performance and safety. At Scooteretti we want every customer to feel as if they are part of the family! Read More About or learn more

    Carla, Fridrik and I have discovered the (literally) quiet joys of e-riding about town, and we’re not alone. Increasingly, people looking for affordable alternatives to increasing gas prices are considering bicycles and motor scooters. Most bikes sold today are the conventional, pedal-yourself kind, and most scooter sales are of the gas-fueled variety. But a handful of electric bikes and scooters are available, with more coming soon, so you now have options for fast, fun, gas-free transportation. The market for electric two- and three-wheelers is promising, but it’s also still young and volatile — buyers should focus on quality, experts say.

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    I just test rode an A2B electric bicycle. I rode it all day and it was awesome. If anyone is thinking about their choice between a bike and scooter, try an A2B.
    It doesnt really look like a traditional bike, I think it is of German design and it HAULS. I test rode it in Longmont Colorado at Small Planet E Vehicles. Check out their site for details: Electric Bikes Electric Scooters | Electric Scooters

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