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Buying an sexy Elf Costume

California Costumes Christmas Elf Adult, Green/Red, Medium

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  • When it comes to Halloween you can either make or buy your children’s outfits. Buying a sexy elf costume will cost you more money but will save you a lot of hassle, whereas taking the time to make the costume may be a little more time-consuming on your part but will also save you some money. The decision is entirely up to you. There are so many different Halloween outfits to choose from, and one of the most enjoyable to make or buy is the elf costume.

    If you have thought about it and decided that you just want to buy your child’s elf costume, then you should know that there are many different places you can go to which offer it. Typical elf costumes include a big shirt or dress, tights and a hat of some sort. Some also come with additional items, such as a belt or a pair of suspenders, for instance.

  • Green Fingerless Leather Gloves, Short | Elf Costume Warrior Video Gamer Mad Max Post apocalyptic Zombie Hunter Barbarian World of Warcraft by PungoPungo on Etsy

    You can also rent the sexy elf costume if you would prefer, although a lot of the time you end up spending roughly as much renting a costume as you would if you had have just actually purchased it.

  • If, on the other hand, you have decided that you would like to make the sexy elf costume yourself, then for the easiest one you will need a sweatshirt in a red or green color, fabric, a Santa hat, suspenders, decorative tights, and some ribbon. Then the first thing you want to do is decorate the sweatshirt with some glitter and ribbons.

Celebrate the season with our Christmas elf costumes and accessories

Whether for Halloween or your next holiday party, add a little extra flair by adding this makeup look to your elf costume. The application uses a green eyelid color with a white highlighter for a frosty look followed by applying a rosy blush in the cheeks and a bright red lip color. This quick look is great for a company holiday party or a night of neighborhood caroling. Even if you don’t want to adorn a full costume, this tutorial goes great with a few simple choice accessories like a festive elf hat.