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Enfamil Premium Infant Formula Powder Refill Box - 33.2 oz

Enfamil Infant Baby Formula - 33.2 oz Refill Box

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  • Mead Johnson Nutrition Co., which produces Enfamil, said on Sunday that its own tests of its Enfamil Premium Newborn infant formula found no trace of the bacteria tied to the death of the Missouri baby.

    Enfamil Premium Infant Formula, 23.4 Ounces (Pack of 5)=117 total Ounces by Enfamil company.
    First of all, you guys must know Enfamilcompany, a very famous company. If recently you or your friends are ready to have a baby, you can spend a few minutes in reading what I will say and I promise it won’t make you disappointed. As for me, it is also my elder brother will have a baby several months later, and asks me to help him look for a good infant formula, so I spend a whole day time in searching on-line. At last I find the following kind. How happy my elder brother and I are!
    • It is individually tailored to meet your child’s changing nutritional needs
    We know, infants need nutrition to grow up. Therefore when we buy something for them, we should consider nutrition first. Of course, safety is important, too. This kind of infant formula is made with much nutrition, which is no doubt. However, here what I want to talk about is not just this, but it is tailored to meet your child’s changing nutritional needs. It will reduce parents much trouble by this way.

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    I was unable to breast feed with my son after having problems with my emergency c-section, so I used Enfamil premium infant formula from the time my son was a newborn until he was a year old. Although this is one of the more expensive infant formulas, I feel like it offers the best nutrition that most closely matches the nutrition found in breast milk. The hospital where I had my son started him out on Enfamil premium in the yellow containers and he thrived on it so we stuck with this formula and he continued to grow and develop really well and I always felt confident that he was getting enough nutrition with Enfamil premium formula!
    It is very easy to use. Just put the correct number of scoops into the correct number of ounces of water and shake the bottle til it's well mixed! It didn't leave a huge sticky mess or anything like that.
    Would definitely recommend Enfamil premium formula for bottle fed infants!

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    I never used any other formula but this Enfamil premium infant formula. My son wasn't latching to my breast so I had no choice but to use formula. I remember in the hospital they gave me these and ever since then I always used them. This formula was easy to use, I just added water and added the scoops and I shook and he was ready to eat. I remember always waking up in the middle of night I had the water ready in his bottle and all I had to do was add the formula and shake and he ate. It was really easy for me to make and it was great for my little one. They always got him full and they never made him gassy. My son was never a fussy baby and he digested these well. His stool was normal I never had a problem with this formula. It has a lot of vitamins and iron in it to help keep my son healthy. Every doctor visit he had they always told me he was a very healthy baby who is doing really good. I would definitely use this formula on my next child and I recommend it to any mother out there.

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Enfamil Premium Infant formula is made by the No. 1 pediatrician-recommended brand. Try this milk-based powder with iron for optimum health benefits for your newborn. It contains nutrients that are patterned after breast milk, such as DHA and choline. Your baby will also benefit from the vitamin D and dual prebiotics. Together, the nutrients support the immune system, proper growth and brain and eye development. This container comes with 12.5 ounces, for 0-3 month-old babies.