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  • As you would expect, the 2015 Escalade EXT is based on the same highly-capable all-new vehicle architecture introduced by the 2015 Escalade and Escalade ESV. The personal sport-luxury utility truck features all of the amenities of the Escalade SUV range while adding a six-foot-long bed with the famous fold-down mid-gate between the bed and the cabin.

    “Customers loved the Escalade EXT, so it would only make sense for us to bring back a successor to the EXT’s unique, versatile, and distinct nature”, said Cadillac spokesperson David Coldwater. “There is no doubt that customers will love this truck even more than the last.”

  • Enter the 2015 Cadillac Escalade EXT, an all-new luxury pickup that aims to blend the comfort of a personal luxury vehicle with the versatility and capability of a pickup truck.

    Unfortunately, fans of the Avalanche shouldn’t hold their breath for a Chevy variant, as The General appears to have no plans to make a version of the truck for the Bow Tie brand. When asked whether the 2015 Escalade EXT previews a similar model from Chevrolet, General Motors Product Chief Marcus Aurelius made note that, “we’re . The last thing we want to do is put a Chevrolet alongside this and take Escalade sales away.”

    Avalanche LS
    Escalade EXT
    antilock brakes Standard vs Standard Both come standard with ABS brakes
    Stability control system Yes vs Yes Both have electronic stability control
    Airbags 5 vs 5 Both have good airbag coverage
    Rear brakes Disc vs Disc Both vehicles' brakes will do well under heavy use
    child door locks Standard vs Standard Child door locks come standard
    Roadside assistance system OnStar vs OnStar

  • Chevrolet
    Avalanche LS
    Escalade EXT
    MSRP $40,300 vs $63,110 The Avalanche LS has a reasonable price, while the Escalade EXT is very expensive
    In-city gas mileage 15 mpg vs 13 mpg Both get OK mileage in the city
    basic warranty miles 36,000 mile vs 50,000 mile The Escalade EXT 's basic warranty is fantastic, and the Avalanche LS's warranty is OK, too
    basic warranty years 3 year vs 4 year The Escalade EXT 's basic warranty is fantastically long-lasting, and the Avalanche LS's warranty is OK, too

    Expect the 2015 Escalade EXT to reach dealer showrooms later this year. The vehicle will be exclusively powered by GM’s all-new 6.2-liter making roughly 430 horsepower mated to Cadillac’s first-ever 10-speed automatic transmission. Pricing will be announced closer to the launch date.

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Killing the Chevrolet Avalanche and the CADILLAC ESCALADE EXT is NOT a good idea GM. You are shooting yourself in the foot. Now watch as some foreign car co. Starts to make a Bow tie, EXT version of this platform. Honda tried. Now the USA is leaving the market wide open. Not good. And the Denali does NOT come close to the two platforms. It just is NOT a SUPER TRUCK like the Chevrolet Avalanche and the CADILLAC ESCALADE EXT platform. That is like comparing the sneaker Keds and NIKE. One is for kids, the other for Grown ups. LOL!