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    Watch The Fast and the Furious final race scene homemade!
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    The Fast and the Furious popularized underground racing, drifting, and Paul Walker's hair. Homemade Movies has included all this and more in our ambitious recreation of the final race between Dominic (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) from the original film. This is what happen's when adults play with Matchbox cars, toy trains, and a miniature set that makes even Mr. Rogers jealous.

    Homemade Movies serves up creative remakes of your favorite trailers and movie scenes. All videos are exact shot-for-shot remakes created at home without any visual effects. It's "sweded" movie magic from acclaimed director Dustin McLean! Be sure to leave a comment below for what movie you want to see homemade next.

    Chris Senger
    Dustin McLean

    Directed by Dustin McLean
    Produced by Jon O'Brien and Dustin McLean
    Created by DustFilms

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