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Superman Retro 8 Inch Action Figures Series 3: Superboy

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  • Figures Toy Company presents the first series in their new line of “World’s Greatest Heroes!” featuring classic characters! Each new 8-inch action figure is an exact replica of its original ’70s counterpart, right down to the cloth clothing and retro-styling. With 16 points of articulation, you can pose them in any heroic position! Choose from: , , , or . Each figure comes in a reusable plastic protective case with full-color backing card.

    Figures Toy Company has just announced a new line of figures based on the classic Super Friends cartoon! The “Super Friends Vs The Legion of Doom” line of 8 inch Mego style action figures will be available in 2015. The first images of the figures feature Robin and Gleek! Hopefully we will know more about this line very soon!

  • I hope they are scaled to match Robin, as I believe the original releases were smaller than Robin. On BBTS it states they are 8", while ActionFigureInsider states they are 7" which is the original scale. Since the Teen Titans were the only Mego's in the 7" format, I wonder if Figures Toy Company will invest the tooling dollars required for a different scale.

    Same with Robin: How does the mask fit? , how’s that? This is a case where Figures Toy Company veered away from 100 percent accuracy, but for the better. You can see Dick’s eyes, for one thing, and the mask looks, well, like a mask instead of .

    Batman Classic 1966 TV Surfing 8-Inch Action Figure Set
    Figures Toy Company Batman Action Figures
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    I'm really excited about these Teen Titans repros. I would have been surprised to see the line last long enough to get to these. I was holding off on the Mego repros as I wasn't sure how long Figures Toy Company could last, but if they get to make these Teen Titans, then I'm jumping on board now. Just hope they don't get cancelled before they can be released. Has the first wave even come out yet?

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The epic battle of man vs. sea takes retro action figure form once again, as Figures Toy Company is releasing their version of the famous Aquaman vs. The Great White Shark playset! Inspired by a certain famous movie shark, The Shark will have an open mouth look, ready snatch The King of the Seven Seas in its jaws! Aquaman is included here as well, in all his fully poseable, 8 inch retro figure form.