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Poof-Slinky Fingerprint Science Kit

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  • Look for fingerprint kits endorsed by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). Look for companies that offer forensic-quality fingerprints.

    How to Make Your Own Fingerprint Kit; Print this article; Things You'll Need. Canvas bag; Fabric markers; Notebook; Pen or pencil; Magnifying...

  • No two people have the same set of fingerprints, which is why detectives collect fingerprints at crime scenes to use as identification tools. A clear set of fingerprints easily ties criminals to their unlawful activities. If you consider yourself an amateur sleuth or an aspiring crime scene investigator, you can add fingerprint detection to your list of amateur investigation skills. Regularly practice with your homemade fingerprint kit to hone your amateur crime scene investigation skills.

    A Fingerprinting Kit
    : I created a fingerprint-chart image ) and pasted it into a word doc, printing it on legal paper.
    Stamper’s Ink Pad, labeled “Fingerprinting Ink”

    • Each Custom Complete F.I.N.D. Kit comes with ( 1 ) nontoxic fingerprint ink strip, ( 2 ) dna saliva swabs and ( 1 ) dna collection baggie, complete detailed instructions and is inserted into a sealable plastic protective sleeve. The child fingerprint kit is easy to use, compact yet designed to assist in the recovery of a missing child.
    • Professionally press printed.

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    Our Child Fingerprint Kit -

    Spots for photograph, fingerprints, DNA sample, dental, physical, medical, identifying and personal information.

    Dimensions: 4.25" x 11" open;
    folds into three sections

    Each kit comes with an ink strip,
    two dna saliva swabs and a dna collection baggie.


    Front of the kit with space for your logo and information.

    Space available 2" height x 2" width. All provided information modified to fit in space. Color imprinting from 1-4 colors.

    Image to the left shows how the kit is folded.

    Select the FingerPrint Kit for replacement impression putty, the Ten Tiny Toes kit for a replacement inkless wipe and sensitised paper, or the dog/cat impression kit for pet nose prints.

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Perfect for confidence-building roleplay, the Detective Science Fingerprint Kit will show children just how detectives identify suspects and record important clues left over at crime scenes. If your child wants to find out who really stole the cookies from the cookie jar, they'll definitely need this kit!