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Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer

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  • Measuring approximately 2 feet high by 3½ wide, Fisher Price Super Sounds Soccer is just like other items in the line, having multiple levels of play for little ones as well as older children.

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    Easy to setup and ready for action in minutes, this Fisher Price Super Sounds Soccer Goal gives your little one something to really shoot for. A wide opening and single piece net make goals easy, while a hanging target cheers every time it's hit. Great exercise, confidence building and fun, it rewards every goal ends in enthusiasm. Add this Sounding Soccer Goal to your yard, and get your little one kicking.

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  • Buster is just being discharged from physical therapy services this summer, and one of his emerging skills is being able to kick a ball. Fisher Price Super Sounds Soccer has done wonders for helping him to work on this skill, as the cheering is automatic when he gets the ball anywhere in the goal. My four-year-old daughter also loves "playing soccer" with this toy, and I'm voting two thumbs up for any toy that gets them running around and getting some exercise.

    Fisher Price Super Sounds Soccer combines the best of both worlds for the kids: running around outside like wild children, and annoying the living heck out of mommy by making an electronic toy make noise incessantly. The fact that they have to keep kicking and retrieving the ball to make the noise (they haven't yet figured out that they can do it just by pushing the target) means that I'm a lot less annoyed than I would be otherwise, because they are getting exercise and working on motor skills in order to annoy me.

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