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  • There are many fish cleaning table plans that could be followed. A portable fish cleaning table, a stainless steel fish cleaning table, or even a fish cleaning table for boat can be built. They can be built with a sink or without. It is really up to you. What you will gain with this tool, however, is the ability to clean or fillet your fish in preparation for cooking them while fishing more remote locations with more ease and efficiency.

    This DIY fish cleaning table made a major improvement in the efficiency of the boat. Its primary function is for cleaning salmon, large halibut, lingcod, and other fish, but its value increased because of its built in storage, functionality as a working surface that prevents tackle and items from falling overboard.

  • I prefer a simple fish cleaning table design. The station that I built is a basic folding card table made of plastic and aluminum. It is portable and I can carry it in my truck to any fishing location. It has a large stainless steel bowl that can be filled with clean water. The table top is hard and flat, which allows me to cut thin fillet sections. It is a simple design, but very effective. Like most anglers, I have cleaned and filleted fish without my table, but it has made things quicker and more sanitary for food preparation.

    The fish cleaning table is made from a 4×8 sheet of 3/8 HDPE plastic purchased from a plastics manufacturing warehouse. The material is easy to work using common woodworking tools. Cost is about $130.

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    Utilizing a fish cleaning table helps whenever the fish have been netted and need to be prepared for cooking. The hard work is over, as you have caught your limit. Now you need to prepare your catch. Some anglers prefer to fillet their fish. This will require a sharp filleting knife and a flat surface. Others just clean the fish by removing its organs, head, and tail. Both methods will be much easier with the use of a fish cleaning table. Many popular fishing locations will have a designated fish cleaning station. They incorporate a table or flat surface (counter top) with a sink, waste receptacle, and water source. While handy and useful, not all fishing locations have such stations. It might be in your best interest to find a good fishing cleaning table for sale, or build your own to take along. Below is a nice portable fish cleaning station you can pick up from Amazon.

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The storage containers mounted to the back of the fish cleaning table keep knives ready at hand and provides a good place to store bait scent bottles upright and out of the way which otherwise might leak. Rodholder mounts give extra spots for short term storage of fishing rods.