The first successful attempt at creating Galvatron.

The Galvatron Polystone Statue features:

Galvatron: Coronation Starscream?! This is bad comedy. . .

Transformers Generations Titans Return Nucleon and Galvatron

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  • Galvatron received a biography page in the Dreamwave comics series, where it was not mentioned if he was formerly Megatron. While it is generally assumed by fans that Megatron would become Galvatron in this series, the incarnations of Scourge and Cyclonus who did appear in Dreamwave's series were original characters created by Unicron and not recreated Decepticons from the series, so it's not certain how Galvatron would have come to be in this series.

    In an interview, writer indicated that Galvatron made his first IDW Publishing appearance in issue featuring . In the issue, Galvatron was never named or even seen in full, instead presented as a briefly-glimpsed figure with his distinctive helmet design shown in shadow. Galvatron and his unnamed followers lured Nightbeat to an underground dimensional portal, which resembled a metallic sea, and captured him. They implanted him with a cerebral device and wiped his memories of the encounter, seemingly planning to use him for some unknown purpose. Several pieces of dialog suggested the portal leads to something called the "Dead Universe", which was later confirmed in his own issue, released in July 2007.

  • This incarnation of Galvatron is not a recreated Megatron, but instead a Transformer from the Golden Age of Cybertron who is driven by a belief in having a great destiny. He was one of the crew of the lost , which had secretly been seeking out (under orders from an anomaly that was "a door to somewhere else... a dark mirror of the Matrix itself". Galvatron deliberately flew the into the anomaly to find out the answers, thus marooning the crew in the Dead Universe. In the present day, he heads for Cybertron to obtain body, destroying an alien observation station on the way. On Cybertron, Galvatron killed and easily overpowered 's unit, though he left them alive as a small act of defiance against his master. He made his first appearance in the main storyline in issue 3 of , being sent to Earth by to stop the Reapers from destroying it too soon. He turned the Reaper leader into a dead being able to kill by touch (like himself) and left it to decimate his fellow Reapers. Caught between this and the Ore-13 charged Decepticons, the Reapers were soon annihilated, and Galvatron left with the body of . He then reported back to Prime, who made it clear in conversation with that he was not unaware of Galvatron's rebellious ambitions.

    Galvatron's ambitions would play out in . Crossing over into the real universe with and the other members of the Dead Universe, Galvatron bided his time, waiting until assaulted an Autobot science vessel to depart. Making his way to the Autobot penal facility on Garrus-9, Galvatron witnessed the battle between Nemesis and , and observed the Darkness - the sentient force that inhabited the Dead Universe and kept them alive - try to cross over to Optimus. Seizing his chance, Galvatron gunned Nemesis down and tried to get Optimus to transfer its power to him. Optimus did so, and Galvatron used it to finally realized his destiny - as Optimus hurled him into a nearby solar pool. He was thought dead, but he had survived within the pool.

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  • Quote Arrogant, powerful and ruthless, GALVATRON has emerged to seize control of the scattered DECEPTICON forces. He then formed an army capable of threatening the entire universe. Most DECEPTICONS are too afraid to challenge his authority.

    After defeating in an attempt to capture the , and the Mini-Con Matrix he held, Galvatron attacked the Autobot base - only to find that the universe's incarnation of and his Decepticons had already done the deed. Consequently, Megatron and Galvatron engaged in a colossal battle, with Galvatron clearly possessing the upper hand. Overwhelmed, Megatron was about to be destroyed when the Air Defense Team Mini-Cons arrived and, judging Galvatron to be the greater threat, combined into the for Megatron to wield. Transformed into the Dark Saber in Megatron's grip, the extra power it gave him allowed Megatron to easily slay Galvatron. The remaining heralds were eradicated in an explosion caused by on Cybertron.

: You haven't even made the down payment, Galvatron!

Tarn would have a better chance as a Generations toy (since they are WAY more IDW inspired then the Gen 1 inspired Masterpiece line). I would like to see Scourge, Cyclonus, and Galvatron as masterpieces. Also maybe Squawk box (the combiner Cassette, but probably not) or Six shot