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GO-GO BABYZ TRAVELMATE Car Seat Travel Stroller for Toddler Car Seats

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  • I just got back from the trip (11 hour, three plane each way) using the Marathon car seat with the gogokidz roller. It was fantastic, delightful rolling action. I got quite a few envious stares, and my 19-month old was living large and very comfortable. It does not roll down the aisle in coach. It is possible to carry it with your child in it, although not ideal (what do you do with the rest of your luggage). I did get help from the attendant, although I was only able to use it as a car seat on one flight (I didn't pay for an extra seat). On two of the security checks, it would not go through the xray machine with the wheels on. I did not take them off, and they had to check it by some other means (mysterious to me). On the other four security checks it had no problem going through the conveyer belt box thing. On one of the two that did have a problem, the security guy said "this is the worst invention in the world". Remembering Buck above, I said, "actually it's worked quite well for me." I did not take the wheels off when I used it in the plane nor when I used it in the car at the other end, and, while I know that this is not an approved use, I thought it worked fine.

    In summary. As a stroller, I thought it was great. You will not be able to roll it down the aisle on the plane unless you're in first class. It worked wonderfully as a car seat on the plane. You will need a seat belt extension, and it goes over the car seat). It may not pass effortlessly through all security check points, and I can imagine that you may actually find a particularly grumpy person who makes you take off the wheels. My sister travelled without anything for her three year old and suffered. I actually let her use the gogokidz for long walks, because her child is heavier. I plan to use this until my son no longer needs a car seat or a stroller. It was well worth it, and I liked it better than the Sit 'n Stroll.

  • Now my son is 18 months old, and the sit 'n stroll seems to small for him, although it is supposed to last until they're three. I just purchased a gogokidz to go with my britax marathon, and I'll try to remember to update. (A quick comment -- a dvd player on my computer was GREAT on the last trip.)

    Eén van de grote problemen als je gaat reizen, is toch wel het vervoeren van je kind. Kinderen vinden het vooral prettig om veilig en vertrouwd in hun eigen stoel te zitten en te reizen. Dankzij de Gogo Kidz Travelmate is dat zelfs ook in het buitenland mogelijk! Niet alleen voor in het vliegtuig is het handig, maar ook in treinen en als je bijvoorbeeld van plan bent een auto te huren. Trouwens… in het mag hij gewoon mee als handbagage. Wel zo handig! Het is vooral makkelijk omdat je de hoogte zelf ook aan kunt passen aan de grote van de autostoel. Hij is opvouwbaar en neemt weinig ruimt in beslag. Je kunt hem dus overal opbergen.

    Seattle locals, these are for you! Now you can rent GoGo Kidz Travelmate and CARES to make your travels a bit easier!

    Want to take your own car seat but it's a hassle to lug it around? GoGo Kidz Travelmate is to the recuse. Attach these wheels to the back of most any car seat and turn your child's car seat into a stroller!
    • The whole thing only weighs 5 lbs
    • The Telescoping handle has four positions. Which makes it comfortable for any adult to use.
    • It has quick release wheels allowing you to remove them without removing the base from the car seat. This is sometimes necessary for the scanning machines at the airport.
    • For use with children up to 50 lbs

    GoGo Kidz Travelmate Prices:

    Daily: $4.50
    1 week: $28.00
    2 weeks: $40.00
    Orders under $45.00 will need to be picked up as they don't qualify for delivery

    Want to make sure your little one is safe on the plane? CARES will turn a simple airplane belt into a 4 point harness.
    • 22 lbs - 44 lbs and a least 1 year old
    • Up to 40" tall
    • FAA Certified
    • Small enough to fit inside your carry on!

    CARES Prices:

    Daily: $3.50
    1 week: $22.00
    2 weeks: $30.00
    Orders under $45.00 will need to be picked up as they don't qualify for delivery

  • GoGo Babyz Kidz Travel Mate Stroller Attachment
    Parents will wonder how they ever managed without the GoGo BabyZ Kidz Travelmate, just as everyone in the world can't imagine travel without roller suitcases. The patent-pending design of the GoGo BabyZ Travel Mate significantly lightens the load of parents on the go with toddlers and all their gear.

    does anyone know if you can use the gogokidz with any other carseat? My daughter is 18 mos and about 32 inches. I have read that she would probably be too tall for the sit and stroll and that her legs would drag!!! seems both the gogo and the sit/stroll tip back the same it seems as if it would be an issue with both. If we do put her car seat in a bag could we recline her car seat in the airplane? thanks for your help

What is it: Gogo Kidz Travelmate

The GoGo Kidz Travelmate Accomodates the following convertible and toddler seats. Below is a list of verified car seat manufacturers and models that easily mate with the GoGo BabyZ Kidz Travelmate. (Note: if you don't see your car seat listed below, Gogo BabyZ has not yet had the opportunity to test it ... yet -- please check back often as the following list will be updated as other manufacturer's car seats are verified).