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24CT Gold iPad Air, iPad Mini Will Only Cost You Over $1800 To Own

Apple iPad Air 2 MH0W2LL/A 10-Inch 16GB HDD Tablet, Gold

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  • If you were expecting Apple to announce a gold version of either the or iPad Mini a few weeks ago during their latest press conference, you were probably extremely disappointed to see you won’t be able to “get your gold on” as there was no gold color option for either tablet. Lucky for you, Gold Geenie has once again come to the aid to those who would like their tech gadgets covered in gold as they have announced they will begin offering a 24CT gold iPad Air and iPad Mini. Unlucky for you, Gold Geenie’s products are REALLY expensive.

    If you have a spare £1500 you will be able to get your hands on either a gold, platinum or rose gold iPad Air, the gold model will retail for £1486, the rose gold for £1556 and the platinum model will retail for £1625.

  • Awaiting for the next big Apple event on October 16, many rumors about the Gold iPad Air 2 surface on tech blogs. Tech experts presume and assume that the new iPad Air 2 will feature this and will come with that. No one really knows for sure what Apple has in store for us and for the time being our hunger is settled a little with only the rumors. The latest rumors about the Apple Gold iPad Air 2 say that it will feature a more powerful processor and a Touch ID sensor. There are some leaked photos of the new iPad going around the internet lately showing the interior of Apple’s upcoming product. Also, rumors have it that the new Gold iPad Air 2 will feature Apple latest online payment system, the Apple Pay.

    The leaked photos of the also show that it will feature a logic board with A8X improved chip. This version is actually an upgrade from the previous Apple chip called A8. There are some who speculate that the new Gold iPad Air 2 will be upgraded from 1GB of RAM to 2GB.

  • Tech experts are saying that Apple will launch a new iPad Plus that will feature a 12,9 inch screen and the new tablet will have the split screen features. So we’re expecting to see other goodies along with the Gold iPad Air 2. This is very exciting for all the tech aficionados everywhere.

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A price hasn’t been disclosed by Apple yet, but the iPad Air 2 will probably set you back between $450 and $500. Once the gold iPad Air 2 is out, the tablet will have to compete with the likes of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Nvidia Shield tablet, Nexus 7 and the upcoming Nexus 9, Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Even though the iPad Air 2 will probably be more expensive than its competitors, history teaches us that many iPad Air and iOS users vouch for Apple devices and their high-end performance.