I would not eat green eggs and ham.

Sam I Am: How about green eggs and ham?

Green Eggs and Ham

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  • Since reading , my 3 year old has been quoting it: “I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam-I-Am.” I always love it when he gets into the book. Green Eggs and Ham is a full of wonderful rhymes and repetition which makes it easy for children to pick up.

    Dr. Seuss is our featured author this month for the . It was impossible to choose just one book to share with you, so this week is Dr. Seuss week here at Inspiration Laboratories. I’ll be sharing Dr. Seuss inspired ideas all week long. First up is Green Eggs and Ham.

  • This is a great idea and seems not quite as stressful as managing a cookie swap!! I love the fact that the kids were so involved! The green eggs and ham cookies are SO cute!!

    Aiden also requested to eat green eggs and ham for lunch. Then, he said, “Not eggs; just ham.” We didn’t have any ham at the time, so I asked him if he wanted pretend ham. He had turkey that was pretend green ham. I love the imagination.

    balletgirl More than 1 year ago
    Green Eggs and Ham is an all time Dr. Seuss favorite. It has been read time after time in the classroom, at bedtime, etc. This is a great book for the family, ranging from three year olds to adults!

  • Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    My son (Age 7) wrote a review for this book. "I liked this book because it was funny. I liked this book because Sam i Am is funny. One thing from the book that I found interesting was the picture when he was about to try the green eggs and ham."

    Green Eggs and Ham is from A Very Good Production, A Stern Talking To and Gulfstream Television in association with Warner Bros Animation, and distributed by Warner Bros. Television.

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The federal indictment alleges that Sam-I-Am had full knowledge of the contaminated green eggs and ham and intentionally unloaded the product onto unsuspecting customers.