ELA are Spain’s entrant into the gyroplane marketplace.

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Gyropter II RC Helicopter with G-Sensor

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  • Since the gyropter goes through charges very quickly, it is recommended that you use to power it. For high-powered toys like a gyropter, and rechargeable units are considered the best options. If you use rechargeable batteries, you should also buy a separate because the one in the gyropter controller may vary in performance based on the type and brand of you use.

    A is a remotely controlled toy helicopter meant for indoor use that employs two rotors with single weighted blades. The gyropter's remote controller takes six , which are included and serve as the charging unit for the device.

  • The Propel Gyropter itself also has a lithium polymer battery. This battery is not replaceable, so you must be very careful not to overcharge or abuse it. The battery must be fully charged, which takes about 10 to 30 minutes. A fully charged battery will give you approximately 6 to 10 minutes of flying time.

    A review and flying test on the Propel Gyropter 3 channel mini R/C helicopter that i got from kohls for 30 dollars. This helicopter is very stable due to the fact it has built in Gyro. It comes with the helicopter, a 3 channel infared remote control, the directions, and spare parts.



  • Dual Instruction in a School Gyrocopter (hours 2+)# 
     - Open Cockpit (MTO Sport, M16) From £139 per hour
     - Enclosed Cockpit (Magni M24, Calidus, Cavalon) From £186 per hour
    Note: Prices vary per location depending upon the exact configuration of the Gyroplane and operating costs. 
    Extended briefings and groundschool£54 per hour
    Dual Instruction in your GyrocopterFrom £90 per hour
    Supervised Solo Training in your Gyrocopter From £90 per hour
    Supervised Solo training in a School Gyrocopter*as dual rate

    With many options to choose from, eBay makes it easy for you to purchase a Propel Gyropter online. After arriving at eBay's homepage, simply type "Propel Gyropter" in the search bar. Once the search results appear, you can further refine your search by price, condition, and delivery options to find the Propel Gyropter that fits your needs and budget.

Gyropter Propel Rc Gyropter 3 Channel Ir Gyro - Sears

A certificated autogyro must meet mandated stability and control criteria; in the these are set forth in . The U.S. issues a to qualified autogyros. Amateur-built or kit-built aircraft are operated under a in the Experimental category. Per FAR 1.1, the FAA uses the term "gyroplane" for all autogyros, regardless of the type of Airworthiness Certificate.