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We love these pink flower hair beads. (size = 17mm, count = 24)

Large hole white star hair beads. (Size=16mm, Count=34)

Quick Beader for loading beads on hair

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  • Hair beading is the art of threading beads onto thin sections or hair, either in a continuous line, or used as part of a hair braid. Using a specialist tool such as the Conair hair beader the beads are easy to attach to hair and easy to remove and the beader itself is simple enough for young children to use ( it is not recommended to give this sort of toy to children under 3 due to the beads which are small and could be swallowed).

    The Conair hair beader attaches long rows of beads to hair, but if you want a subtler effect you should consider the Conair Quick Gems Hair Jeweler

  • Girls love to experiment with hair, makeup and accessories and change their look to suit the occasion. There are many ways they can do this, such as temporary tattoos, nail art and now hair beading.

    One way to enhance a braided hairstyle is to adorn the braids with beads. Hair beads are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Attaching beads to braids is a fairly easy process that can...

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    Value Pack 800 - Small shades of blue hair beads with hair beader. (Size= 8mm, count= 800)


  • Conair introduces Quick Bead! Quick Bead is an automatic hair bead styling kit that automatically feeds a string of beads onto a hair strand - a process that would normally take hours!
    • Battery-powered automatic beading device which feeds beads onto a hair strand at the press of a button
    • 40 shiny, medium-sized beads
    • 40 large, glass-like beads
    • 10 securing "jaw-clip" beads
    • Storage pouch
    • Sectioning comb
    • Includes 2 "AA" batteries

    In addition to the Conair products there are other hair braiding and hair beading kits on the market such as the IGIA Twist-a-braid hair braider and the girl crush range which includes a Bead n Braider, and the fabulous Streak and Style so your kids can color their hair before they braid and bead it (wash out colors of course).

Magic Hair Beader : Girl Crush activity kit with colored beads and

If you've been feeling like your hair could look a little more fun or funky, the Barbie Hair Beader might be the answer. All you need to do is load up the beads, thread your hair through, and you'll instantly have a lot more going on up there. The beads come in a variety of , so no two strands will look the same.