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  • Games reduce anxiety
    Now that you know games can reduce the pain from burn treatments and PTSD, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that they can also calm down kids before a date with the doctor. Researchers at the New Jersey Medical School’s anesthesiology department found that children who were allowed to play handheld video games before surgery felt virtually no anxiety. What’s more, when they came to from anesthesia after their surgery, game-playing kids felt less than half as much anxiety as the kids who were given medication instead. Why does it work? As with the Tetris and Snow World experiments, this handheld anxiety-reduction is a simple case of shifting the mental spotlight. Kids absorbed in Minecraft will focus their brainpower on their virtual building goals rather than their impending surgery; and when you’re constructing an empire from the ground up, who has time to get scared? Here are more natural remedies for anxiety.

    The website offers more than 20 retro and classic handheld video games, including Parachute, Fishing Boy, Merry Cook and some others from Nintendo, Gakken, Elektronika and some other game producers.

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Handheld video games grew out of that were popular from the 1970s through the mid-1990s. The key factors in contributing to the advance of handheld video games were the increase in processing power, technological advances in (LCDs), and the reduction of power requirements. Handheld video games grew immensely in popularity, thanks to the released in 1989. was considered the for the console, and popularized the action puzzle genre.